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Zahra Naseer
Zahra Naseer
Pis Al-khobar
The Hairy Witch
Published On Apr 30th 2012
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We just comb our hairs and throw away the broken hairs.....But have you ever imagine that these hairs could lead you to the DEATH......
The story begins when some travellers (three men) were passing through a peachy desert. At that time the days were very stormy and nights very cold of desert. There was no place for the travellers to stay. They were searching some place that protects them from dreadful and frightful storms and thunders but they could not find.
They were tired and could not walk more. So they sat together and think what to do next? As they were thinking, they saw a beautiful lady calling for help. They ran to help her but when they reached at that spot they slipped into the strange door. They were surprised and thought that it could be a hidden treasure but the door didn’t have any kind of handle or a keyhole to open. One of them said “Oh no, now we cannot open the door and brighten our curriers. He struck the door with his leg and the door opened. They were very glad and went inside the door. It was a frightening place like that it was never opened before. They walk further and saw the door crossed with blood. They were now very frightened and telling each other to not open the door. One of them said “one must have done that so that we cannot reach to the treasure”. When he opened the door, scary voices were coming from the door as a big tornado was coming to them but it was not a tornado. It was the hairy witch which was closed by the peoples hundred thousands of years ago. The witch took one of the travellers (who opened the door) inside the room and throw out his skeleton out. The two other travellers ran to save their lives but could not. The hairy Witch took the hairs of the travellers to make her grow. So that she can rule the city.
The hairs which the people were throwing after brushing were causing her to grow the hairy witch and finally she ruled the city. It was night time. Merry was taking bath and after that she dried and combed her hairs. When she was cleaning her brush the hairy Witch was there and seeing her but when she throws her throw the hairs in the dustbin she felt angry and killed merry. Same happened to many peoples of the city and the hairy Witch was growing bigger and bigger. People were very scared and stop brushing their hairs. When hairy Witch saw that she cannot get herself more powerful and bigger so she start killing people and managed to get herself bigger and powerful. Now there was nothing that people can stop them. The army forces tried their best to kill her but instead of dying she grew more powerful.
For consulting on this matter Generals and President called some most talented armies from different countries. And finally one of the most genius and talented soldier Balison and his army was selected for this mission. The investigation started and that desert was also founded by the forces. They searched a lot for a clue and they found a watch of one of the traveller. They start searching that area but they had to do that fast because the half of the city was laid to death. Balison and the soldiers were doing their best but couldn’t found anything. But they were moving because the rest of the life of the citizens were in there hands. After a long struggle they found that door. The door had some ancient language written on it. Balison know to read an ancient language so he read it and he found the hidden button. He pressed that button and the door opened. Balison and the soldiers went inside. The place was scary as it was before. Balison saw another door which was opened already. He read the letters which were written on the door:  which meant “Do not open this door otherwise hairy Witch will get out and kill everybody”
But the door was already opened. They went inside the door and there were scratches everywhere. There was only one painting which was unscratched and that painting was of the Princes of Peachy desert. She was given the curse to be the ugliest princes of that year in the world and she became witch. Balison also found a well in there. When he touches the water in the well he saw the most beautiful girl he never seen in his life. Only Balison can see her. He saw her dying. He jumped in the well to save her life. The hairy Witch was alerted about the Balison and she was coming to the desert. Balison was under the water and he saw that girl coming to him. She gave him a box and told him “Only you can let the hairy witch back to the princess” and then she let Balison go. Balison came out of the well. He thought like he was seeing a dream. But the box was in his hand. And every soldier was asking him “Sir, are you alright.” But he was remembering her words. He opened that box. There was a burst of light coming out from the box. The hairs were rounded from cloth. As he took them out, the hairy Witch arrived there. There were scary voices everywhere and they were saying “NO! Don’t open it” Balison came to know that he had to open t let the witch leave the Princess. As he was opening the round of hairs on the cloth, the strength, power and density of hairs were decreasing. He had opened all the rounds but still the witch didn’t left the Princess. So he took out his lighter and burned the hairs and cloth. As he burned them, the scary voices, the hairy witch and frightening place all vanished. And the beautiful Princess was left behind unconscious. Balison threw water on her face. She came conscious and thanked to Balison for his efforts. Balison inquired her name. She told him that her name is Sarah. And then the soldiers and Princess went out safely with Balison.
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Comments 12
Tooba Its not true that if u throw ur hair it can lead u 2 death its just a made up thing of death Tooba
Dec 2nd 2014
nazish Not so spooky story but dat was only ok. Nazish
Jun 25th 2013
Soha Not that scary and I never listened such word as hairs! It's hair. Soha
Mar 22nd 2013
isbah Well-written story keep it up!! Isbah
Nov 28th 2012
Momina Its not that scary but its nice Momina
Nov 24th 2012
Nabeah Nice Nabeah
Jul 28th 2012
Farhan Very interesting and good story...:D Farhan
Jun 16th 2012
Emaan Aahhhhhhh!Oh help me the hairy with got me! Physc!!!!! Haaahahaaaaa fooled ya!! Emaan
Jun 14th 2012
momina Me too! Momina
Jun 12th 2012
Omama I did not sleep the whole night when I read this story Omama
Jun 11th 2012
Emaan There is no such word as hairs but I'll live with it! Emaan
May 6th 2012
Aisha Very interesting and good story... Aisha
Apr 30th 2012

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