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Maryam Fatima
Maryam Fatima
Caa Model School 3
Reality Of Life And Death!
Published On Apr 30th 2012
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Life is an examination hall,
It's not a shopping mall,
Life is not for rest,
To prove ourselves good, we have to do a lot of quest.
I see many people running after money,
It seems to me very funny,
Because there is no value of money,
It is a poison which tastes like honey.
When comes the death,
There is no value of wealth,
All the value is of deed,
And there is no place for greed.
Good people will get reward for being well,
And bad people, for their bad deeds will go to hell,
This is the reality of life and death,
Recognizing it is the real wealth.
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Comments 8
maryam What do you mean aisha Maryam
Jul 2nd 2012
AISHA U how u dare saying my brother a losser u will lose he is a new mok but is intelligent form lets see who wind aremember me nd whi lose Aisha
Jun 18th 2012
Disenchanted. TRUE AND VERY NICE! Disenchanted.
Jun 17th 2012
Ahmed Gud Ahmed
May 22nd 2012
maryam Thanku so much tasbiha Maryam
May 11th 2012
rizwan Amazing poem maryam Rizwan
May 11th 2012
maryam Please do comment on my poem .is it that much bad? Maryam
May 7th 2012
fatima EXXELLENT POEM!!!!!!!! really fantastic!!! A strong poem:) Fatima
May 6th 2012

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