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Ali Abdullah
Ali Abdullah
Aps Faisal
How Kangaroo Got His Long Tail
Published On Apr 30th 2012
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Once upon a time, kangaroos and wombats live together. Wombats preferred sleeping inside but kangaroos like to sleep outside. One day one kangaroo was sleeping outside it began to rain. Kangaroo knocked wombat house door and ask help but wombat refused to help. In anger kangaroo threw a stone at wombat's door. In return wombat threw a spear that hit kangaroo on his tail. Kangaroo tried to pull it out as hard as he can but it didn't come out. Kangaroo pull very hard and in result his tail became very long. Since then kangaroos and wombats are not friends and kangaroos have a long tail.
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Comments 3
momina Nice Momina
Jun 1st 2012
Emaan OH,WELL Ashna is from australia so she knows a lot 'bout it. Emaan
May 6th 2012
Ashna Interesting....kangaroos and wombats are australia's native animals. Ashna
May 1st 2012

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