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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Beacon Light Academy
Honesty Is The Best Policy
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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Once upon a time, in a city of Dubai a man named Ashar lived. He was an honest and wise person. He had also a friend named Haris. Haris was a cruel man and always jealous from others. He was very jealous from the neighbours of Ashar as they were so wealthy. One day he planned to rob that house and also told that plan to Ashar but as Ashar was a wise and honest man so he refused to help him in his cruel plan and also advised him not to do that bad thing as ALLAH is seeing us everywhere but he did not listened Ashar. The next day he and his cruel friends accept Ashar robbed Ashar's neighbour's house. The people of that house tried their best to stop them but as they had guns so they can't stop much. After that in morning the people of that house reported the police about the robbery. The police thought that the robber was Ashar and they caught him. Asher said them to free him as he was not the robber but they did not listen him. Then the case went to the court. In court Haris was also present and was seeing what the matter was. In the coat Ashar spoke truth and said that he was not a robber but his friend named Haris robbed that house because he told him that he was going to rob my neighbour’s house.”NO!! He is lying, he is the robber and he said to me that he was going to rob his neighbour’s house”, cried Haris. At last Ashar was punished by court and punish was that he will be in prison for two years. As he was leaving the court with cuffs in his hands he said to Haris, “I got my reward of honesty but you will get your reward of lying at the day of judgement which will be so much painful for you”. After saying that he went to prison. Two years passed and Ashar completed his punishment. When he was freed from prison he went to see Haris. When he saw him he was shocked. He saw that Haris had a cancer and was calling him. When Ashar sat beside Haris he began to beg him for his forgiveness. He said, “I realize my mistake and ALLAH has given me punishment of my sin in the world. Please forgive me and save me from the punishment of the day of judgement”.”OK I forgive you as you have realized your mistake and pray to ALLAH to save you from the punishment of the day of judgement and save you from the cancer”.  MORAL: WE SHOULD BE HONEST IN OUR LIFE AS ‘HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY."
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Comments 4
Momina LOVE IT!!! totally, i love the way that you wrote ALLAH's name in capitals too. It shows your respect 4 Islam, too. Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Farhan OLd Farhan
Jun 15th 2012
Wajeeha I luv it! Wajeeha
Apr 28th 2012
Ashna Great story....honesty IS the best policy Ashna
Apr 26th 2012

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