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Ozair Khan
Ozair Khan
Qurtuba Public School Phase 3
Just Like It Is.
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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When it doesn’t rain
And it doesn’t snow
The rivers don’t flow
The plants don’t grow
Just like it is
When life isn’t lived
To the standards God fixed
Our souls aren’t at ease
We look around for peace
And crave for a single piece
Life that we made it
Wasn’t meant to be
what we are missing on
is where we come from
just like it is
on the road to my home
I stop by the nearest caravan
Unknown where it goes
I go along, even if my foes
At the end they leave me no where
And far away, alone I stand there
Regretting what is done
Crying and wishing it’s undone
Just like it is...
When you lose your way
Your very own self
You are a piece of broken gem
Put up useless on a shelf.
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