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Momina Bhatty
Momina Bhatty
Hurlingham And Chelsea Secondary School
The Mystery
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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Hi! My name is Catherine Grayer, and I am 20 years old. Today, I will share with you, a mystery. I will write the answer at the bottom of the page. Good luck solving my mystery!
I was sitting in a famous cafe of Australia, Gloria Jeans. The shop was totally deserted, except for me. Even the waiters were playing 'Go Fish' (a card game) in the kitchen. I was drinking a steaming mug of coffee, and eating a delicious doughnut. I was reading the paper at the same time. There was an interesting article about an escaped prisoner, which I was reading.
As I read, I heard a waiter coming out of the kitchen, or so I thought. Without looking up, I ordered another mug of coffee. I kept on reading the very long article, paying no attention at all, to my surroundings.
Suddenly, I reached a part of the article, which said, that MY father, a famous judge, had sentenced the escaped prisoner to death, the day before he escaped. Feeling aghast, I was about to get up, when the waiter put my second cup of coffee on my table, along with a note.
I read the note very quickly. On it, it was written YOU ARE DEAD!!! I nearly had a heart attack, and as I looked up, I knew who the waiter was. The escaped prisoner! He laughed a mean, cold laugh, and stabbed me. Straight in the heart. With a knife.
Today, I am still on the Earth. How, though? I cannot leave the Earth, at least not now. But why??? The answer is at the bottom of the page.
Well, I AM dead. But, I will not have peace, until I have haunted the man who killed me, until he too is dead like me. You see, I cannot leave the Earth until the man is dead, I will have to fulfil my duty first. Well, if you solved this before reading the answer, I know that I can rate you a full Sherlock Holmes! Bye, now!     
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Comments 32
manail Momina are you from peshawar? you study in beaconhouse right? is there any chance you study in PMS GIRLS 1 because your profile pic looks familiar, sorry if i'm bothering u :D Manail
Aug 29th 2016
Aug 1st 2016
jasmine I know its not real but wasn't there anyone else at the cafe who saw the waiter trying to kill you? Jasmine
Aug 15th 2015
Tooba Nice one Tooba
Dec 26th 2013
Anam Sooooo scaryyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anam
Nov 2nd 2013
Soha Hey Maha, don't say the word cheat plzz. If you've read this before so it doesn't mean that it's cheated. She's just SHARED it on Vshine. Soha
Aug 15th 2013
Maha You Cheated! Maha
Jul 5th 2013
Soha Momina, I visited yor blog! It was splendrific! Soha
Apr 26th 2013
Soha Nice! Soha
Mar 31st 2013
Nimra Okkkk dudet (momina) noo problem..... :) Nimra
Feb 26th 2013
Hiba Momo plz like my stories please Hiba
Feb 19th 2013
Momina Its easy to make a blog if u have a google account and the horror event is wat im gonna write now i accepted all requests right now our net blew so i couldnt do anything but in scool i can :) Momina
Feb 19th 2013
Nimra Hey momina plz accept my friend request and say to your sister emaan also that add me i will your gud friend :) i hav send u a request from sooo long accapt it!!!! Nimra
Feb 13th 2013
Nimra Hey guys do add me as ur friend Nimra
Jan 24th 2013
fatimah Hey momina u said that u were gonna post some horror event that happened with u, well where is it?? Fatimah
Jan 22nd 2013
fatimah :) hey momina i checked ur blog and its awesome btw how did u make one? Fatimah
Jan 3rd 2013
Momina No matter dudette!! :) chillax seriously no need for unhappy faces to Amna Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Amna Ohhhh!!!!Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have accepted me as a friend before but i didn't see that.....really sorry:( Amna
Dec 18th 2012
Amna Momina plz add me as ur friend i have send u request many days before :-(......waiting for reply... Amna
Dec 18th 2012
Momina Awwwww thx Emaan i like u alot actually luv u!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 like u alot!!!! keep ritin Momina
Dec 14th 2012
shaista Nice work dear.... keep it up Shaista
Nov 26th 2012
mathilda Nice one!! Mathilda
Nov 13th 2012
Emaan I love your story, it's so intriguing. And interesting. And AWESOME!!!!! Oh and my bday is on 12 November, and I'm in 6th grade. ♥Love you too♥ Emaan
Oct 30th 2012
Momina My birthday passed on the 2nd of October. . . never got to celebrate it. . . :( On a happier note, One day early EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!! Momina
Oct 26th 2012
Momina Yeah im probablly the biggest fan alive Momina
Oct 26th 2012
Emaan 1D fan,eh? Emaan
Oct 10th 2012
Momina Mooez, I don't even know what Smash is. and ps, i DONT cheat. NEVER EVER EVER So stop sayin i cheated Momina
Sep 21st 2012
Sep 20th 2012
sidra HMMM nicee <3 :) Sidra
Sep 3rd 2012
 яυмαιsα Really nice,but after reading horror novels I solved the mystery immediately. яυмαιsα
Jul 28th 2012
Sidra I solved it before reading the answer!!!! Sidra
Jul 15th 2012
ali Great Ali
May 3rd 2012

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