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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Beacon Light Academy
A Ghost Tree
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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Once upon a time, a villager came to a country for job. He was not so much educated that he can get job soon. He was also not so much rich that he can afford the prize of a house. One day he slept under a tree in night, after some time he felt unwell. He thought that there is ghost in tree. He cried, "GHOST,GHOST, IT IS A GHOST TREE", and then he ran from that place. He felt so much unwell but he suffered. The next then he again slept under another tree. After some time he again felt breathless and shouted, "IT IS A GHOST TREE, IT IS A GHOST TREE", and the villager started running. At that time an educated man was passing by that road and saw the villager shouting. He stopped the villager and said, "There is no ghost in this tree." the villager answered, "but I feel breathless when I sleep under the trees". The man explained, "In night tree release a gas named carbon dioxide which is harmful for a person that's why you feel breathless so from now onwards you will not sleep under the tree or you can die". "I can die?"  Asked villager. "Yes!! But in day the trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is good for our health". "Ok from now on wards I will not sleep under a tree because now I know that tree is beneficial for us in day but harmful in night".
MORAL; we should not sleep under any tree as it is harmful for us and cause DEATH but we should go near the trees in day as it gives us oxygen which is good for our health...
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Comments 6
nazish It should b in da articles portion. Nazish
Nov 30th 2013
Khadijah Nyc story. you should be the winner. Khadijah
Aug 15th 2012
Junaid So niceeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Junaid
Jul 25th 2012
Sara Thanks! Sara
May 28th 2012
mahnoor Hi! ur artical is sooooooo nice <3 Mahnoor
May 27th 2012
Wajeeha Nice! Wajeeha
Apr 28th 2012

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