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Ayan Rehman
Ayan Rehman
Beconhouse School System Middle Branch
Kane The Big Red Monster (part 2)
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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As the man began to run from Kane’s grasp, Kane stepped in front of him blocked the path and shook his head. He then grabbed the man’s throat and suddenly his body was on fire and he got burnt to ashes. Kane laughed a very evil laugh and said in a mocking hallow voice "I told you one day I would come for you Nevil but you did not heed the signs. I showed you but you did not heed them you could have fled "He then stepped forward towards the burnt body scowled then teleported in flames he was in an old apartment where an old man was sleeping soundly Kane walked towards him and lowered his face towards his and breathed a little heat from his mouth that made the man's eyes open Kane grabbed his throat lifted him up with his gloved hand and thrown him down with immense force there was a loud CRACK and the man died" That’s for expelling me prince you ruined my life" said Kane coldly then again he targeted and again and again when his prey were stalked he felt an empty guilty feeling that why did he do this it was as if his devilish fever came to an end and so he teleported back to his cave thinking what to do. He felt to destroy but help good at the same time he heard the newspaper cries and men investigating but there was no use even if they did find Kane they would simply fled. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months Kane still could not find what to do when suddenly he heard cries "The black dawn army has come to conquer us!!!!' it said."WHAT! NO ONE SPREADS TERROR HERE BUT ME!!!!" he bellowed as intense hell fires blazed through his red, black scared mask like face. His weak powers came back his body was on fire he was enraged and if you enrage Kane the big red monster you are likely to get a hold of his awesome power so he blasted the hatch of the hall of flame and rose upwards. He saw dangerous high tech war machinery before him large three cannon tanks, inferno tanks which shot a fire so powerful it could burn everything and other smaller missile tanks and laser tanks but he was not afraid. He slowly lifted his hands up then suddenly thrown them down. The whole sky and background became red, red clouds rising up, red thunder striking. He had finally created a fire storm both the army and citizens lay staring but then Kane came in action he quickly dashed forward leaving burnt marks behind he grabbed two soldiers by the throat jumped up high into the sky. And when he came down the heat made them catch fire then with a mighty BASH and the two soldiers lay buried into the ground. He turned and saw dragon tanks shooting at him they shot magma heat flames at him but he roared then produced an energy wave so powerful it blown up several tanks. He turned his attention to the firing missiles and bullets he lifted his hands and then a red tornado came out of nowhere that sucked the tanks near it (because it stayed in one place) and explosions took place in it then his eyes gleamed red and red thunder burst out of the clouds and struck the laser tanks but too late an inferno cannon shot towards him but h just absorbed it and shot an even more powerful beam at the tanks like thunder they exploded instantly but then many missiles and lasers pointed at him and fired at him it hit on target. Kane was hurt he breathed deeply and angrily then turned his hands into fist, immediately out of the earth came out bursting magma that came from under most of the tanks, the army was just about to be finished when more men and tanks came and so did a flying saucer in which their leader was sitting Kane merely laughed. Then suddenly acid rain came pouring out of the sky burning soldiers skin and melting away the remaining buildings, more tornadoes came, more thunder struck, more magma came bursting out and Kane fired more blasts laughing crazily then with a big explosion took place and the army and Kane were gone. Back at the hall of flame Kane thought he had saved and destroyed the city. He smiled and scowled.

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Comments 5
Momina Omg omg HELL AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momina
Oct 29th 2012
Ayan Part one is just below Ayan
Jun 21st 2012
momina Can you please tell me on exactly which page is part1 published on? Momina
Jun 18th 2012
Ayan Thanks Ayan
May 7th 2012
Wajeeha Gud Wajeeha
Apr 28th 2012

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