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Ayan Rehman
Ayan Rehman
Beconhouse School System Middle Branch
Kane The Big Red Monster (not A Wrestler)
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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Once there lived a small boy named Kane he was a friendly boy but no one wanted to be friends with him they mocked him made fun of him but Kane could not put his anger away so he injured them badly and so he got expelled from his school and his parents kicked him out of the house. He then travelled the roads becoming even angrier a fire like hell rising in him but then something happened to him he was burned. Now there are rumours that Kane has returned from his grave seeking revenge some people saw that it's just a superstition but please don't take this likely this tale is real and to warn you about Kane so BEWARE the wrath of Kane returns! Kane was resting in his Hall of flame. His dreaded masked face as bad as ever red with big blood shot eyes and black streaks across his face. He had now inflamed the entire forest in Australia and the humans had not realized it was Kane. They thought it was just because of a solar flare unusual storms were arriving because they were the causing of Kane but no one realized it was Kane. Now it was time to finally come up and fight. He got up looking at the brimstone walls around him they were red and with black scars of burns because of Kane's flaming fists fire all around him in the round room. He floated up a hatch and arrived at the top...he saw one of his victims sitting there he smiled and headed towards him. He was invisible that time so he quickly teleported and came behind the man he was bearded and was eating a role. He looked up to see what was making the shadow he saw Kane and screamed (SECOND PART COMING SOON IF YOU ARE ALIVE AND SAFE FROM KANES WRATH WILL YOU BE?)
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Comments 6
Momina Hey this is pretty good a story so far!!! do you like wrestling? my brother LOVES IT LIKE I LOV One Direction and that is saying SOMETHING Momina
Oct 29th 2012
Khadijah Not interested in boys's silly stories. Khadijah
Aug 15th 2012
Ayan Yeah i know but this story is not about him Ayan
Jun 21st 2012
furqan Kane is the name of a wrestler in wwe!! Furqan
Jun 17th 2012
Ayan Thanks Ayan
May 7th 2012
Wajeeha Its really nice Wajeeha
Apr 28th 2012

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