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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
Believer's Test
Published On Apr 24th 2012
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There was a man named Aslam, who lived and worked as a taxi driver in Karachi. He migrated to Karachi in search of work that he probably could not seek in the village than was totally in a remote-control area. He along his family was new in the area in which they decided to live and that they even did not know anybody well.
His reasons for migration to city area were never-ending. His wife had bore him seven children. Three of them died when they were infants because the parents did not have money to fulfil their needs and they departed from the world at a very young age. Two of Aslam’s children were either mentally or physically retarded. They were both living a miserable and painful life and helpless Aslam, whatever he earned was not enough for the operations of his children. The eldest his children was his daughter Asma. He could only help her teach till her intermediate. Other than Asma, Aslam had a son named Kumail who was expelled from the school because the school fee of two months wasn’t paid. Therefore he could only work on the mechanic’s shop to learn some work and earn living as his father did. Aslam waited for something good to happen so he could solve problems of his children and marry his daughter in a good family.
Even once Asma tried to consent her father to allow her to work as a teacher in a nearby school. Asma really singled out to work and earn so she could also be a helping hand of her house. She hysterically wanted his younger brother Kumail to study further and to draw together money for the operation of her other two siblings. But Asma’s father rejected her plea by saying; “You can’t go to work Asma, when your father is alive. You stay at home and care for the house and your mother.” By then Asma used to pray to Allah Almighty to grant a miracle and change their wretched situation.
Aslam was out for work and till night he drove his taxi because he was unable to earn much for that day and then he came across with two female passengers. Their clothes, makeup and jewellery reflected that they belonged to an affluent family. Aslam agreed to drop them in Defence as the ladies were in great hurry and the journey continued. During their way to Defence, the two ladies kept gossiping about their new Lawn Collection of clothes and their upcoming exhibition of expensive jewellery. One of the two ladies had several collection of costly jewellery in her bag that she showed to her partner. At last they said Aslam to stop the taxi in front of their big house that had a white gate. They leapt out of the taxi and paid the money for their journey. Aslam directly went home, as it was too late. When he reached home he ordered his son to lock the car for him and close down its windows. Aslam lie down on his bed in the open area of his small house and watch the glimmering stars. When suddenly his son Kumail came in running carrying a black bag in his hands, Aslam thought that Kumail might have stolen it as it weigh heavy. But Kumail told his father that it was kept in the bag seat of the car. Than all of a sudden, he remembered that it might be the bag of the two ladies whom he has dropped few hours ago.
He scrutinized the bag to check whether his hunch was correct, and yes! It was! The bag contained huge sum of gold jewellery. If there would be any other person in place of Aslam he would have not returned it back to its owners, however would use it for his own benefit. But Aslam, who was a faithful and trustworthy person got into his taxi, despite he was tired and rode to the house where he had dropped those two ladies. The scenario of that house was implausible. The owner of the bag was shouting and crying. She couldn’t believe that her bag full of jewellery was lost in span of no time. They were about to phone police to investigate for this when their door bell rang. The son of the lady who seemed very handsome and good-looking attended the door. His mother was almost overwhelmed to see her bag in his son’s hand. His son named Aimer told his mother that it was this affectionate taxi driver who landed the bag back to its owner. Aimer’s mother now could not help controlling herself that she gave Aslam a large sum of money as his gift for returning the bag.
Simply, Aslam was now considered a well-known and respectable person in his society. Secondly, he was able to marry his daughter to a good family, educate his son Kumail in a good school and was able to pay for the operations for his other two children.
Moral: We should have firm believe on Allah because he knows our needs and emotions for others. People should be honest and should guide their conscious to correct path and then Allah will definitely grant miracles that can change life as of Aslam and his family!
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Comments 7
Marwa Nyc Marwa
Aug 5th 2013
Arshia Thanks people Arshia
Jun 16th 2012
momina Nice!! Momina
Jun 12th 2012
tazeen Arshia....Congrates... You Are The Winner Of My Page.Great Yaar..Keep It UpP!!!!!! Tazeen
Jun 2nd 2012
Wajeeha Amazing.. i luv ur story and i luv the moral... keep up the gud work! =) Wajeeha
Apr 28th 2012
Arshia Thank you Rohma Arshia
Apr 27th 2012
rohma Very nice!!!!!!!!!!! such types of stories make the person happy! Rohma
Apr 27th 2012

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