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Ashna Ahmed
Ashna Ahmed
Trapped (part 2 Of Force 911)
Published On Apr 8th 2012
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“We don’t usually allow anyone except for our agents to reside in the headquarters of SPYFORCE”, said Mr Donnelly slowly. “Because of your parents’ involvement and their high achievements you’ll be living in our headquarters”.
“Under normal circumstances you would be recruited in one of our other branches throughout the country”, added Mr Barry.
Alyss frowned. “You still didn’t answer my question”.
Mr Donnelly sighed. “Look”, he said. “This type of situation has never come up before so at the moment we can’t really make any decision without consulting the head of SPYFORCE. Right now we can’t give you a definite answer”.
“Then I can’t give you my answer”, said Alyss coolly. There was no way she was going without knowing if her parents were coming with her.
Priscilla and Frank had been listening to their conversation. When Alyss had declared that she wasn’t going without them they felt a sort of relief flood them. So she isn’t against us for not telling her the truth, though Priscilla with relief. Frank knew that Alyss had every right to not forgive them, yet she had. For that he was grateful. He could see how much Alyss longed to accept the agents offer…but the only think holding her back was them. It’s not fair, he thought. She should go.
Frank cleared his throat and got the attention he wanted. “Alyss, I – well we” he said glancing at his wife, “think that you should go”. He held up his hand as Alyss opened her mouth to protest. “You deserve it. Your parents were brilliant agents and if not wrong then I reckon that those genes have passed on to you” he said.
Alyss was torn. The conflict of choosing between her ‘parents’ and the agency was clear on her face. She knew she couldn’t reject SPYFORCE’s offer outright because then they’d blacklist her. She realised that working for SPYFORCE was the only way to learn more about her real parents. The ones whom she didn’t get a chance to live with. The ones who had been taken away from her by FORCE 911. I might even get my revenge on them, Alyss thought suddenly. She looked from one face to another. She realised that this would be a hard decision.
“If my parents can’t come and live with me then will I be allowed to visit them on holidays” she asked.
Mr Barry and Mr Donnelly looked really uncomfortable. This girl was really persistent, which actually proved to be a good trait since it was a quality that would be needed to get through the training.
Seeing their discomfort, Priscilla assured Alyss, “If you can’t then we’ll just move to Darwin” she said. “I’m sure that’ll make visiting easier than travelling all the way here to Sydney”. She looked at the two agents to confirm her statement. Both of them nodded.
Alyss made up her mind. She would go with them. She took a deep breath and looked at Mr Donnelly, who seemed to be in charge from the two of them, and said “I’ll come with you”.
“Well then,” said Mr Donnelly briskly. “You’d better get packing and start preparing yourself. Mr Barry and I will come back in two days’ time to collect you”. Having said that, both he and Mr Barry exited the house through the front door.
“Well, that was….unexpected” Priscilla laughed nervously. Alyss didn’t say anything. She was too caught up in her own world. Too many questions swirled in her mind. How was she going to get answers for all of them? It was all too confusing.
Frank noticed Alyss’s silence. He could see what was going in her mind – it was all too clear on her face, like that struggle of choosing between them and SPYFORCE.
Alyss glanced up and saw both her parents looking at her. She managed to give them both a small smile. “Alyss, if you want to talk –,” started Priscilla.
“No” said Alyss a little too harshly. “I mean” she added a little more gently, “I don’t want to talk about it right now. I need some time.” Priscilla and Frank both nodded. Alyss walked out of the room and went to her room. She needed the security and the privacy that only her room could provide.
Once in her room, Alyss went over all the things that had just happened. She needed to sort out the facts from the rest of the information. With her hands locked behind her head she stared up at the ceiling, confused. There were so many questions that she wanted to ask her parents – Frank and Priscilla. But she couldn’t bring herself to ask them as freely. Since she had learnt of her true identity something had come between her and the people whom she had thought were her parents. She replayed the emotions that she had felt – anger, shock then just numbness. Like she had no more emotions left. Alyss shook her head. She couldn’t just shut them out of her life. After all they had brought her up. She got up and started to sort her stuff. She needed to pack.
The next two days went by in a blur. So busy where they in making preparations that Alyss had hardly had time to talk properly with Frank and Priscilla. Now on Friday morning she stood in her room which looked so empty. This was the place where she had sought comfort in. She wondered how her new room would look like. Suddenly Alyss heard a commotion downstairs. Her mother’s screams tore through the house. Alyss stood shocked, unable to move. Her father’s raw yell got her moving. She ran downstairs into the living room where the noise was coming from. What she saw would haunt her for the rest of her life. Two men had her parents captured and were repeatedly inflicting harm and threatening them.
“Tell me when they came!” asked one of them harshly.
“No!” cried Priscilla.
The sight filled Alyss with rage. How dare they hurt her parents like that? She burst into the living room and leaped into the air. With a perfect flip she landed on the man’s back and brought her hand down on the base of his neck. The power of her hand knocked the man out. Turning around to challenge the other man, she froze.
“If you want him to live” he said indicating to Frank, who was pale under the strain, “then don’t move”. Alyss swallowed and nodded.
“Now” he continued aware of the advantage that he had. “Tell me names of the two men who visited you a couple of days ago and I won’t hurt your father”. “And don’t bother lying because I know all the names of the agents in SPYFORCE. If the two names that you tell me aren’t correct then…” He didn’t have to continue, Alyss knew what would happen.
“Mr Barry and Mr Donnelly” she said.
“Ah, so they have decided to meddle again have they?” the man stroked his beard lost in thought. Alyss crept forward hoping he wouldn’t notice. No chance. The man snapped out of his daydream and glared at Alyss.
“You think you can beat me do you miss acrobat?” he sneered. “Then how about his”. With a single movement both Frank and Priscilla lay dead. Alyss was horrified. Her ears were ringing loudly. The world was closing around her. The man whom she had knocked out stirred. The other man was coming towards her with a malicious grin. Alyss struggled to control her emotions and thought fast. There was no way she could escape through the front door. Even the back door was out of question. With one last look at the only parents she had ever known, Alyss crouched down low struck hard the man coming towards her. He cursed and clutched his leg. Alyss turned and ran upstairs aware that both men were now after her. She went into her room and locked her door. Opening her window she swung one leg over the ledge, ready to jump down. For a moment she hesitated. She brought her leg back on the room and grabbed her little pack that she had prepared. Suddenly the door smashed open and both men advanced slowly. She was trapped. There was no way she could climb down out of her window in such hurry. She would just fall and die. Both men smiled with triumph. She was cornered.
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Comments 11
Momina I am serious about this, and like actually. this is not to be taken as a joke, okay. you can actually publish this story. i am also writing a story and i am gonna get it published. do it. you would be accepted. Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Tooba Awsome Tooba
Oct 8th 2012
Ashna Wow...i'm glad u guys all liked it. I had no idea my stories would be liked so much. So should i post the 3rd part or just leave it like that? Ashna
May 9th 2012
Ali Thisisthe best story Ali
May 7th 2012
Emaan Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I really think this story should be published in every issue of Vshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :-D Emaan
May 6th 2012
Ashna Have u read the 1rst part ayan? Ashna
Apr 16th 2012
Wajeeha U can not help luving a gud story... plz in your free time rite the 3rd part! =) Wajeeha
Apr 15th 2012
Ayan Aaa when is the third part comin dude Ayan
Apr 14th 2012
Ashna Lol....sorry its long tasbiha.....cudnt make it shorter:) 3rd part??? i wasnt thinking that far....but i'll write it soon. Im glad u liked it wajeeha Ashna
Apr 11th 2012
Wajeeha Aswm.. when is the 3rd part comin?? Wajeeha
Apr 9th 2012
fatima Soooooooo long Fatima
Apr 9th 2012

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