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Sehar Shahzad
Sehar Shahzad
Divisional Public School Model Town Lahore
Published On Apr 7th 2012
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Q: How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity?
A: shocked
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Comments 52
Sehar Aww thanks Soha for the stand :) Sehar
May 28th 2013
Soha Hello there, Shaliza it's not good to point out others mistake!It does happen sometimes and FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION humans make mistakes not animals.Okay! You can tell her kindly that there is a mistake.BTW I am not fighting.. Don't take my comment in your heart! Soha
May 11th 2013
Nimra Yar eisha meri request accept karo plzzzzzzzzzz!!!! Nimra
Feb 24th 2013
Nimra Ohhhh :) Nimra
Feb 16th 2013
Sehar I'm in 7th Sehar
Feb 15th 2013
Nimra Oh well welcome :) m in class 6 n u??? Nimra
Feb 12th 2013
Sehar Thankyou..... and my bestest friend nimra <3 so in which class r u ? Sehar
Feb 10th 2013
Nimra Oooohhhh sooo lovelyyyy <3 i love uuuu......... (my best friend sehar) :) Nimra
Feb 9th 2013
Nimra Ooooohhh... sehar soooo lovellyyyy of uuuu <3 Nimra
Feb 8th 2013
Sehar I am <3 Sehar
Feb 7th 2013
Nimra Ya sehar :) and i think u will be my best friend :))))) Nimra
Feb 7th 2013
Sehar W8 ... you'll get some requests from some ov my friends nimra and I hope they will be ur good friends :) Sehar
Feb 6th 2013
Nimra Yeah i know sehar :) thats great :D but eisha,duaa,zoya and mahnoor plzz add me m ur new friend sure u all guys will become my good friends :) waiting for ur replys Nimra
Feb 5th 2013
Sehar Welcome to our friendship land nimra !! *_* .... :P we all r friends over here :) Sehar
Jan 15th 2013
Nimra Hey samayya dua and sehar i am your new friend plz add me Nimra
Jan 11th 2013
Sehar Thanks Dua :) Sehar
Oct 25th 2012
Duaa Nice job i like it.... Duaa
Oct 25th 2012
Sehar Hehe :) Sehar
Oct 23rd 2012
Emaan Oh yeah Shaliza? Then who's the one with the pic of a naked baby? Lol I'm joking but seriously it's not nice to point out other people's mistakes. Or choices. I like this Sehar,Like it A lot (LIAL) Emaan
Sep 18th 2012
Sehar Gud ! Sehar
Jul 25th 2012
eisha Okay, i have accepted your request :) Eisha
Jul 25th 2012
Sehar My dp is of summer holidays ..... Sehar
Jul 25th 2012
eisha Send me a request.......and 1 more thing......what's your username and dp? Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
eisha My username is eishaajmal (type this without pressing space and you'll find me) my dp is of a girl with a cell phone. Eisha
Jul 24th 2012
Sehar So whats ur username ? Sehar
Jul 22nd 2012
Sehar That's nice whats ur username ? Sehar
Jul 21st 2012
eisha Yeah i am too Eisha
Jul 21st 2012
Sehar Yeah , are u ? Sehar
Jul 20th 2012
eisha Hey sehar............Are you on fb???? Eisha
Jul 19th 2012
Sehar Me too :) Sehar
Jul 18th 2012
eisha Haha yeah sure :) i cant wait to see you Eisha
Jul 17th 2012
Sehar Thanks fatime ....and eisha .....hi i'm sehar ! I'm also the class rep of the class ....we both are class reps so we can become more good friends :) Sehar
Jul 16th 2012
eisha Um yeah mahnoor is in my class; she's a friend of mine. hope we can become good friends. i'm eisha (i'm the class rep of my class) so it'll be easier for you to find me. see you at school then :) Eisha
Jul 16th 2012
fatimah Ha ha....nice one! ;) Fatimah
Jul 15th 2012
Sehar Yeah maham ,ujala (sure they'r twins)khadeeja and hawa are my class fellows .....we can becme good friends .... is mahnoor shahzad studying in ur class ? Sehar
Jul 14th 2012
eisha Hey sehar! you commented on my poem and asked if i was in DPS (Mt branch). yeah, I'm in 7th F (now in 2012). You said you were in 7th G, if thats true i have some friends there; mahum ,ujala (twin$), hawwa and khadija. if they're in your class then i can know for sure that u study in my school. hope we become good friends :) waiting for your reply Eisha
Jul 11th 2012
Sehar Ur wlcm Sehar
Jul 10th 2012
Zoya Thanks for the friend request. Zoya
Jul 9th 2012
Sehar And thanku mahnoor for such a good reply Sehar
Jul 8th 2012
Sehar Yeah I know that its a joke not a story ....I did it by mistake ...sorry Sehar
Jul 8th 2012
Zoya I am Zoya
Jul 7th 2012
mahnoor Ohhhhhhhhhhh sorry sehar i think that this is a story sorry Mahnoor
Jul 6th 2012
mahnoor Intresting sehar and I like to say that ur all stories and articals are awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome Mahnoor
Jul 6th 2012
Zoya Seher i really sorry to take you out of my friends list ZOYA . Zoya
Jul 5th 2012
samayya Thanku Samayya
Jun 8th 2012
Sehar Well thanks ...pretty ! Sehar
Jun 7th 2012
samayya Huhaaha ...nice joke Samayya
Jun 7th 2012
Emaan Uh,Like a joke song baby! Emaan
May 7th 2012
Wajeeha Lolz Wajeeha
Apr 28th 2012
Sehar Thankyou ! Sehar
Apr 25th 2012
sarah W3ll, i hope it wil look better coment 4 this if i say nyc joke,,,,,,;0 Sarah
Apr 15th 2012
Shaliza This is a joke not a story for your kind information!!!!! Shaliza
Apr 8th 2012

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