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Zainab Zubair
Zainab Zubair
Beacon-house School System
Published On Apr 6th 2012
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The age from 13 to 20
Is the age that is found to be guilty
You drink cigarette
When your elders say NO!
You drink Alcohol
Without any remorse...
Girls are after boys
And boys are after girls
Around them like planets around sun...
Every bad step is taken than,
The age of guiltiness is to be said,
Teens change from time to time...!
Earlier it was the age of nice
When we learnt tactics and we learnt stats
Responsibility was on our back
When students became more obsessed!
Now days aren't the same,
Good's bad and Bad's good
NO! Rule over teenagers
Of parents is stooped!!!
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Comments 13
Soha True.. Soha
Feb 21st 2013
mathilda Well!!! i cant believe it but somethings straight no pakistani wud drink at the age of thirteen Mathilda
Dec 3rd 2012
Zainab Gud Zainab
Nov 30th 2012
dfg Very good and i am also 13 but these things are not in me pls comment on my drawings..... Dfg
Nov 30th 2012
Zainab These dayx nothng can be predict sum people i knw who r 13 drink bt indirectly through sum othr way...:p Zainab
Nov 28th 2012
mathilda Nice but no one of 13 would drink alcohol!!!!!! Mathilda
Nov 19th 2012
HAMNA Yes its true Hamna
Nov 6th 2012
Junaid It's all really true..! Junaid
Oct 5th 2012
Zainab Thankx for ur comments people!!!!!!! Zainab
Jun 17th 2012
Zainab I'm 14YRS OLD............. Zainab
Jun 17th 2012
Emaan True. Emaan
Apr 14th 2012
Hiba <3 Hiba
Apr 14th 2012
Sarah That's so true...By the way, how old are you? Sarah
Apr 7th 2012

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