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Wasif Hassan
Wasif Hassan
Gulf International School
Rising Cost Of Living
Published On Apr 5th 2012
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Life has been very costly nowadays due to the costly basic requirements of life. Things seem to beyond the range by every passing day.
Food, wearing & residence are those basic needs of everyone which can never be neglected. It is said that a man comes in this world bare-handed & also goes bear hands but he can’t live here without things. He requires so many things from his childhood till death. In this era, living is not as easy as before luxuries are the matters of far away but the achievement of basic requirements is not an easy task. Ratio of poverty is continuously increasing in the whole world by each day. Cost of things is talking to the sky. It is being very difficult for an average man to pass the life comfortably & care freely. Due to the development of Science & technology, a flood of modern things has occurred which are highlighted enormously through media & became essential for us. Now we don’t only need basic things but luxuries have also taken the place of needs.
Earning of an average person is shorter than the expenses. Highly cost of essential things is making a life Burden & urging the people to choose the wrong way of earning money. Our moral values & positive sense of thinking is destroying due to the rising cost of living.
God has made this world & its unlimited resources for human-beings betterment & comfort. We should try to come out of the artificial lives & should pass a simple & balance life to complete the rising cost of living.

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Comments 3
Ashna Nyc... Ashna
Apr 11th 2012
Wasif Thanks ! Urooj Wasif
Apr 9th 2012
Urooj Really g00d po0int u have raised....:) Urooj
Apr 5th 2012

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