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Mohammad Abubakar Moin
Mohammad Abubakar Moin
The Educators
Published On Apr 8th 2012
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Once upon a time there was a man in forest named Michael. Michael was a wood cutter. He had no money to buy food for himself. He only cut 8 to 9 trees in a day to sell. The money he got from selling the trees, from that he buys food for him. One day he was at the path to go home, his friend came and told him to don't cut the trees because they give us fruits and many other things. So Michael said what work he would do, so his friend told him to capture animals.   
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Comments 5
Mehdi Nice story Mehdi
Feb 6th 2014
Momina Agrre with wajeeha, but really nice anyway dude!!!! Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Ashna Nyc story but wajeeha is rite. Animals are just as important as trees.....they can become extinct if we capture them. Ashna
Apr 11th 2012
l But capturing animal is same as cutting tree.......It will also do a big lossss... L
Apr 11th 2012
Wajeeha Nyc.. but should v not capture animals as well, as in this story cutting trees is not liked so wat if the animals get extinct?? allah made all these blessings for us and v should enjoy them but within limits anywayz nyc try =) Wajeeha
Apr 9th 2012

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