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Ayesha Ejaz
Ayesha Ejaz
Global School
The Right Judgment
Published On Jun 19th 2012
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Qazi was a very honest person and was always believed to make the right judgment. Every person in town came to him for a judgment and always went happy. Due to his this reputation, the king invited him and made him judge in his palace and people often came there in any case. 
One day, when Qazi was busy with some people, a courtier ran towards him and yelled from the door, "Your honor, the king’s dead, please hurry." He quickly adjourned the court and left for the palace. After the king's funeral, Qazi noticed the note the king had left for him. He read it and called his three sons. He told them that their father have handed over the equal shares of the kingdom to his sons. The eldest would get the most of it, the second one fifth part of it and the third could have the least. He also informed them that their father had left a precious valuable locket in his secret place for them that he wants you all to divide among yourselves. 
So, the three started ruling their kingdom and the third son still kept Qazi as his judge. The three sons went to their father's secret place of which noone was aware of and dug. Underneath, they found a beautiful box in which lied the precious jewel. But to their astonishment, the Jewel was broken and three of the precious diamonds in the locket had disappeared!
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Comments 6
Irum Argghhhhh.... i hate coninued stories Irum
Mar 3rd 2013
Tooba R u going 2 write the next part in 2019????? :| Tooba
Sep 1st 2012
Ali I'm so sad, such a good story but, COPIED!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali
Jul 4th 2012
Aleena Ahhh....I totally agree with Syed Aliza... Aleena
Jun 29th 2012
ayesha Actually the story was too long sooooory :( Ayesha
Jun 24th 2012
Aliza Aarrgghh!again continue....? Aliza
Jun 20th 2012

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