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L .t
L .t
Published On Apr 2nd 2012
Total Comments : 34
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April 2012

Rank 8 Out of 10
Last summer holidays

I planned to have a diet

I didn't ate anything

And stayed awake all night

Only I ate was parathas, eggs and chip

Samoosas with dips

And meat and burger and rice

Some wheat and french fries

Big fat bread with cake

And doughnuts with some shake

That’s ONLY what I ate

And only thing I got

Is 20% increase in my weight



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Comments 34
Zainab Great Zainab
Dec 18th 2017
Anonymous Amazing!!!! Anonymous
May 17th 2014
seyham F9 raniah what about u? Seyham
Apr 5th 2013
Raniah Hello seyham , how are you ? im raniah .... Raniah
Apr 4th 2013
seyham Wow khadija its an awesome poem love it yaaa Seyham
Mar 30th 2013
Amna Nice........wait wait wait two Aleena Majeed........????? Amna
Dec 29th 2012
fatimah Hahahahahaha awesone effort:D Fatimah
Oct 19th 2012
l Nothing except summer vacations 8) L
Jul 30th 2012
Aleena Hey dear Khadija...what's up? Aleena
Jul 28th 2012
l DEAR vshine team, I didnot received my gift and i sent my e mail id and name to vshine number as u said.But still no response.I didnot received my gift. L
Jul 21st 2012
Emaan Yeah, I knew it ^_^ That's so cute. Emaan
Jul 13th 2012
l Yes L
Jul 10th 2012
Emaan Awww your picture is from the movie Despicable Me,right? Agnes is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! Emaan
Jul 9th 2012
Raniah Nice poem .... Raniah
Jun 30th 2012
Aleena Actually I m busy in my studies Aleena
Jun 28th 2012
Ali Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and a nice poem Ali
May 31st 2012
Emaan Khadija,I really llike your picture-It's really nice! :-D Emaan
May 25th 2012
Aleena Dear editor, I have won the quiz competition of April but still I have not got the magazine? Aleena
May 23rd 2012
Ahmed Wow good poem Ahmed
May 22nd 2012
Salwa Great poem...nice work..congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....~~ Salwa
May 20th 2012
Aleena Dear Editor , Assalam-o-Alaikum! I have won the quiz competition for April. When would I get my magazine? Please reply. Aleena
May 19th 2012
Aisha I am also very fine and my studies are also going great.....What do you the whole day...I mean what is your routine these days.... Aisha
May 18th 2012
Aleena Yeah everything is going good.....and i am really busy these days as my exams r starting from 28 May , what about u? Aleena
May 16th 2012
Aisha Well I am absolutely fine..Nothing special is up these days except studies and stuff like that.....And what about is your school going and everything else..... Aisha
May 12th 2012
Aleena Congrats Khadija on securing 3rd position.......And AISHA I wa busy in my board exams......what about u? what's up these days? Aleena
May 8th 2012
l Dear Editor......When will i recieve my gift.......Last time I got my gift very late.....plz give my this gift soon....plzzzzzzzzzzzz.... L
May 5th 2012
tazeen Congrates Tazeen
May 4th 2012
Bareera Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................ Bareera
May 3rd 2012
Aisha Salam Aleena how are you.....I am absolutely fine...How are your studies...I am now in 9th o'levels....Where were you from sooo long.... Aisha
May 3rd 2012
l AoA....Aleena yes I am Aisha sister......everythings fit......Bint Mahfooz MAAM...Iam fine...Aisha is finne too....Friends u know what.....I scored 3rd position in my class......Now I am in seven........Thanx.... L
May 3rd 2012
Bint Asslamaoalikum khadija mam :)how ru ?hws ur sister ayesha?Congragulations!!!! Bint
May 2nd 2012
Ayesha Farhan Great poem, Khadija! Ayesha Farhan
May 1st 2012
Aleena Salam Khadija.....if i remember u r Aisha's sister....right???....Actually I am here after a long time.....hope everything is fit as a fiddle.... Aleena
May 1st 2012
Emaan Hahaha you must be thinking it's opposite day :D Emaan
Apr 17th 2012

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