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Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed
Beacon Light Academy
Crazy Language
Published On Mar 31st 2012
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Susan always failed in English language paper but she ignored why did she failed only in this subject and achieved high numbers in other subjects. A couple of days after she was preparing for English language paper than suddenly the question arose in her mind that why do I fail in this subject? She thought and thought but didn't get the answer. She asked from her friends, tutor, parents, and family members even English teacher also but did not get the answer. After a month later she  asked the same question from herself and unfortunately got the answer that ENGLISH IS A CRAZY LANGUAGE and was happy and said to herself that this is reason why I failed in paper the silly language does not know whether it’s coming or going.
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Comments 6
faisal Well urooj look at the example of pineapple neither there is pine nor apple so why its pine apple??thats my topic ... Faisal
Mar 16th 2013
Aleena I agree with Urooj Aleena
Jun 29th 2012
Ahmed Looks like ur eng. lang. is very weak 2! Ahmed
Jun 2nd 2012
faisal U will get quickly Faisal
Apr 6th 2012
Urooj Umm actuallllllllly im n0t getting what are u tryin t0 say......???is english crazy sub or what its complex..i didnt get it Urooj
Apr 3rd 2012
Emaan Uhhhh hmmmmm lets think Emaan
Apr 1st 2012

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