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Ahmed Zubair
Ahmed Zubair
Beacon Light Academy
A Friend
Published On Mar 31st 2012
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Once there was a boy named Ali, he was new to school his last school was white house grammar school. he join later a school named the educators his first day to school was very bad because he was new everyone was disturbing him, taking his things and etc. There was a boy named Umer who comes first in class and he was very respectable boy. When he saw that his class mates were treating Ali bad thus Umer knows that Ali is new to school. Then he immediately goes to principal’s office and complains that his class mates are treating badly to Ali. The principal warn the students. First time then second time they make Ali bad boy by disturbing him. Ali concentration was nowadays not towards to studies. He used to smoke and all bad things. Once Umer saw him doing this Umer said him not to do but Ali was not listening. Umer complains to Ali parents when his parents know that he is doing that his parents beat him. Then now Ali was good student and friend with Umer. And the boys who disturb Ali were suspended.
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Comments 5
Areeba But not now! :D Areeba
Apr 11th 2014
Aleena Many Grammar and tense mistakes... Aleena
Jun 29th 2012
Jun 2nd 2012
Itachi Good story! Itachi
Apr 19th 2012
Areeba White House Grammar School is my school name............. Areeba
Apr 2nd 2012

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