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Kumail Ali
Kumail Ali
Lahore Grammar School
Funny English
Published On Mar 31st 2012
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We started with get, got, gotten.
Not with let, lot, lotten.
We know the plural of "mouse" is "mice"
But the plural of "House" is not "Hice"
We know the plural of "cow" is "cows" not kine
But the plural of Row is rows not rine
We feel pain in tooth the plural is "Teeth"
We phone from "booth" the plural isn't "beeth"
Boys are he, his, and him
But the girls are not she, shis, and shim
So you will agree,
English is very funny.

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Comments 13
Basma abdul shakoor It' nice and interesting! Ha ha ha..... Basma Abdul Shakoor
Feb 16th 2013
aimun Hahahahahahhaha :p Aimun
Jan 26th 2013
Raniah Nice Raniah
Sep 6th 2012
LyeBa Gud :p Lyeba
Aug 31st 2012
Emaan Well,Kumail,I don't think it's copied-it's wonderful! Emaan
Apr 19th 2012
Ayesha Farhan True, English IS funny! Ayesha Farhan
Apr 14th 2012
Kumail Nope! Kumail
Apr 13th 2012
l BUt the idea is copied L
Apr 9th 2012
Kumail Yes Khadija & Ashna!i have wrote this! Kumail
Apr 5th 2012
Ashna I reckon i've read something similar to this.....but great try Ashna
Apr 3rd 2012
Bint waseem Gud! Bint Waseem
Apr 2nd 2012
l I think so I read it somewhere else.Is it written by you !!!!!!! L
Apr 2nd 2012
Emaan Haha hee hee Emaan
Apr 1st 2012

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