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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
The Frustrated Baker
Published On Mar 31st 2012
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Linus was roaming down the streets of England, looking for a job. He was fired from his last job and his wife said that don't step into the house without money. Linus HAD to find a job. He kept walking on until he found a help wanted sign. He read that sign. It said ‘REQUIRED BAKER AT THE BAKERS' Robert copied down the address and went to The Bakers Shop. He was welcomed warmly, and roughly pushed into the kitchen. The first order came in – a liver and bones sandwich (uhhhggh!) Robert got out the liver, and then the order order came – a pineapple cake with flies! Leaving the liver on the table, he got out the frosting and frosted the liver! Then another order came. A hamburger. Thank God something normal. He caught the flies and put them in the hamburger! He kept doing all this silly stuff but he gave up at 5:00 pm. He went out with only 6 pounds in his pocket. He kept saying "Oh how frustrating baking is!" Smile
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Comments 10
Emaan Aww no words for your simply ECSTATIC comments,Momina. You are an official Vshine Bestie of mine! Infact, all my Vshine pals are my Besties! Emaan
Oct 30th 2012
Momina It is cute and funny Emaan!!!! You are a lovely writer Emaan yours t Momina
Oct 29th 2012
Khadijah I mean for the names he always change :PP Khadijah
Oct 12th 2012
Emaan What's the ya ya for,Khadija? Emaan
Oct 6th 2012
Khadijah Ya,ya what ever Khadijah
Aug 12th 2012
Aiman Funny Aiman
Aug 5th 2012
Emaan Linus was always changing his name! Emaan
Apr 5th 2012
Omama Excuse me at first linus was linus then he suddenly turned into robert!!!!! Omama
Apr 4th 2012
Ayan I told ahmed that i like fighting thank you very much for viewing my story Ayan
Apr 1st 2012
Emaan Funny,isn't it? Emaan
Apr 1st 2012

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