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Ayesha Ejaz
Ayesha Ejaz
Global School
The Importance Of A Mother..
Published On Mar 30th 2012
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Saleem was a student of tenth class. His mother was a widow and was old now. His father had died 6 months ago and he was his mother's only support. after his father's death, they had left the house that they had taken on rent and had now his mother had built another house on a very congested place...but at least they had a place to live..
Saleem usually came home very irritated and bizarre because he had to make a journey of 2 hours from his home to school. he didn’t join the school nearby because he had a lot of experience in his previous school as he had studied there since he was in first grade, and he had got many friends there whom he loved and were very close to them.
One day he had to come home when it was raining heavily outside and he was a lot of wet when he reached home and full of anger. He knocked the door angrily and his mother quickly replied; "coming...wait!" he shouted back because of his growing irritation; "Quick! I’m all wet! I might catch a cold!!" his mother quickly opened the door and asked; "can u please bring some medicines for me from the market?" Saleem looked at her and realized that she was full of pain. She was bent down because of her aching back and was near to almost crying, but Saleem was very angry at the moment and shouted; "you're worried about yourself! I’m sooo hungry, I need food!" he then quickly ran to his room to change."
He ate hurriedly with his mom sitting at front watching him lovingly. When he had finished, she again asked, "son! I’m in great pain, please bring me some food," she raised her hand in order to give him the paper in which was written her medicines. He looked at her again and replied unpleasantly, "mother, why don't you go to the doctor?"
"The clinic would open at 9 in the night... and I’m in great pain..besides the medical store is not that far." she replied with a sad face.
"mom! I’m sleepy. Good night!" he then went to his room to sleep and watched his mother going to her room while half crying. He then fell to sleep.
Today was Saleem's trip and he had gone with his friends. It had been very long and had not returned. His mother felt worried. She called his principal, who had gone with them and asked restlessly, "why have they not returned until now?" His principal explained her that they had had an accident and luckily, nobody was seriously hurt, only the bus got seriously injured and it’s in the middle of repair, and that the children would return soon and for their rest, he had also arranged an extra holiday for them. He then ended the call, but Saleem's mother was not comforted at all, she felt restless the whole time and eagerly waited for her son. The principal again called her and informed that they are having some difficulty passing through the congested streets and that it would take some time.
She could not take it anymore and quickly rushed outside. It was raining very heavily outside and she got sobbing wet, but she only worried for her son. When Saleem came, she covered his head with her scarf and she got very much wet. For the next few days, she got seriously ill. When Saleem went to his room to sleep, the image of his mother at that time came in front of his eyes and he felt extremely sorry. He quickly went to her room and sobbed begging for her forgiveness. After, he rushed to the market to buy her medicines.;)

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Comments 2
ayesha Thnxxx Ayesha
May 22nd 2012
Ali Thank goodness he asked her forgiveness. Great Story;) Ali
Apr 5th 2012

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