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Saqifa Maryam
Saqifa Maryam
When I Opened The Door
Published On Mar 30th 2012
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When I opened the door of my bedroom, I just strolled casually to my bed. What I saw there stopped me dead at my track.  I stared at it with rapt face and was totally petrified.  It was a snake,  not an ordinary one but the width of a healthy man and length that covered my whole bed.  I just retreated and screamed.  My mother came running quickly " What's it Nancy? What's the matter?"  I was choked with fear but struggled to speak.  "Mother! Snake...snake...on my bed” I stammered.  She ran forward, looked at it and then closed the door violently.  In just a minute, the news had spread to the whole house and the whole family gathered around the room.  Everybody started giving suggestions about what to do.  But they were at their wits' end.  My father never wanted to take risk so he decided to call for professionals who could kill the snake.  He started dialling numbers of all the people that he thought could help but nothing worked.  At last, he remembered about one of our uncles talking something about killing snakes.  So, he phoned him who really knew a group of professionals for killing snake but he asked to see the snake.  We started waiting for the professionals and our uncle.  At last, our uncle appeared with his whole family but without the group.  Upon inquiry, he told us that they would be coming in an hour.  So, we all waited for him in the lounge staring at each other's faces.  Uncle George and his family had yet to see the snake as father insisted that snake could be harmful so it was wise to open the door when they would arrive.  I always hated waiting and it was taking more and more time.  I was sitting on the couch talking to my cousins.  Suddenly, I noticed my younger siblings started laughing tremendously at me.  When I looked at them, they tried to look as innocent as they could.  I then remembered that they were all absent at the time when the snake was found.  It just dawned on me that I had not seen the snake moving.  I ran towards my room and oppened the door.  Everybody was running after me and shouting "No!... Nancy!...Please what are you gonna do??"  But I ran until I reached the snake and touched it because it was artificial! It was the first of the April.  My siblings laughed harder than ever now! I saw them with blood shot eyes while my father ran after them in frustration!!!
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Comments 5
Berha I agree with ali Berha
May 28th 2017
mary Nic Mary
Apr 23rd 2012
Ali I get it but it is not good celebrate april fool. Ali
Apr 5th 2012
l Thats funny.... L
Apr 1st 2012
Emaan Ooooooooo aaaaaaaa oooooooooo aaaaaaaaa Emaan
Mar 31st 2012

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