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Saqifa Maryam
Saqifa Maryam
A Great Deal
Published On Mar 30th 2012
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As I entered into the market, I saw that a child of almost twelve was standing with his parents and he was crying.  They had held a banner which read "A Child For Sale".  I was astonished, I had heard many times that poor people sell their children but it was the first time I saw it with my own eyes.  Their clothes were torn away, they were standing there with gloomy faces.  I felt pity on them and planned to buy the child.  The cost was ten thousand which was not much for me.  I lived alone in my house as my parents were dead many years before and sister was married.  I thought that he could give me company, but basically I had the intention of helping them.  

So, I brought him home.  He told me that he had no siblings and his parents were so much poor that they decided to sell him and make some money.  He was a well-mannered and an innocent boy.  I really liked him.  On the next morning, when I woke up, I saw that my whole room was messed up with things and everything seemed out of place.  I had no idea that what had happened.  I went into the boy's room and was struck at my place to see the room empty.  I started checking my room and found that all my precious things were disappeared.  I worked with diamond and all my diamonds were disappeared.  I felt almost fainted.  Suddenly, I got the idea of calling at police station, but I heard my bell ringing.  As I opened the door, police entered into my house and arrested me.  I asked a lot about my crime but they pushed me into the police car.
 I was brought to the jail.  They told me that I had the crime of robbing a child.  I could not say anything.  I knew that I was deceived and justifying myself was all in vain.  They showed me the child, it was the same which I had brought but now he wore a magnificent dress instead of that torn one.  I saw him with great loatheness.  I could see nothing anymore...I could hear nothing and went into complete darkness.   

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Comments 6
mary Hmmm...............bad bad..........not good some one thet got it Mary
Apr 23rd 2012
Ashna Wow!!!! thats great! Ashna
Apr 8th 2012
Saqifa I have completed it and sent the second part to vshine. Saqifa
Apr 6th 2012
Ali Noooooooooooooooooooooo Ali
Apr 5th 2012
ayesha Please complete...... Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
Emaan Hmmmm.......Incomplete.Write more please Emaan
Mar 31st 2012

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