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Adil Ali Khan
Adil Ali Khan
Ever Green
Published On Mar 30th 2012
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Once upon a time there lived a man. He had a boy named Azhar. Azhar was 8 years old. He and his father liked planting and make the world ever green.
So one day they both decided that they should plant in their own garden. So the next day Azhar and his father woke up. And decided to go the fruits shop and buy lots and lots of fruits. So they can eat the fruits and can plant seeds in the garden. So they got to the fruit shop and bought lots and lots of fruits, and did the same as they decided. They planted many seeds and promised each other that they will take the responsibility of watering the plant day by day. So the days passed and then there were many small buds in the garden. Azhar and his father were too happy and started to continue their job of planting seeds and watering them. And days passed, passed and passed and soon it was Azhar’s 9th birthday. Azhar got many gifts from his cousins and his own parents also. Azhar was too happy and showed his cousins the small buds. And now after one week the buds were now big big plants Azhar was too happy to see the plants and could not wait to see the trees supplying fresh fruits. After 5 weeks Azhar saw a big tree and many other like it in his garden so he took an apple and said to her mother that  Mamma please can you cut me this delicious looking apple so I can eat it. Mother Said, “Sure my dear I will cut you an apple. Azhar said, “Thank you very much. Mother said, “My pleasure.” So Azhar ate the apple and was too happy he could not tell his father because his father was at the office.
He showed that to his cousins and friends and they started copying him like he did then days passed and passed whole world had many trees in their garden. And now the world was ever green. Now Azhar was too happy because his dream became true.
This is the message for you all too. Please plant more trees.
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Comments 2
mary Yes and cute pic Mary
Apr 23rd 2012
l Well I think so everyone should copy Him.Isn't it... L
Apr 1st 2012

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