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Mohammad Haider
Mohammad Haider
Beacon Light Academy
The Nine Soldiers
Published On Mar 29th 2012
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Once there were nine wooden soldiers in a cardboard box, each day when the night came they would climb out of their box and sing their prideful song:
"Nine wooden soldiers nine
Marching along in a line
Nobody is half so fine
As the nine wooden soldiers nine"
One night they were marching and singing across the toy shop. The solider carrying the drum counted the other soldiers but to his surprise they were only eight! He shouted to other ones that one of them was missing. The others didn't believe him and each of them counted the soldiers to discover that one of them was missing!
Now there was also a toy dog in the shop but he was old, dirty and ragged. None of the toys liked him; he was sleeping alone on the bin but was awakened by the horrid noise of the soldiers. He climbed down in the friendliest way and asked the soldiers their problem, when they told him he laughed until his batteries buzzed! He told them that each stupid solider forgot to count himself.
The dog counted them and they were nine, the soldiers thanked him and told him if he wanted anything, to their surprise the dog begged them to let him sleep with them in their box. The soldiers happily agreed and everybody lived happily ever after!
The end. Laughing
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Comments 2
Affan Nice but 1 mistake Affan
Sep 17th 2013
mary Ha ha got it from eand bliton hu cas i herd it be for Mary
Apr 23rd 2012

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