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Sana  Minhaj
Sana Minhaj
The City School International Jeddah
Published On Oct 11th 2010
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A television is a machine with a screen. Televisions can usually receive broadcast signals and turn them into pictures and sound. The word Television comes from the word tele (Greek word for "far away") and vision (seeing).                                                               

Sometimes a TV can look like a box. Older TVs had large wooden frames and sat on the floor like furniture. Newer TVs are much more varied. Some TVs can fit in your hand and run with batteries. Other TVs can take up a whole wall in a house, and may sit on the floor, or be just a large, flat screen that can be put on the wall.

All TVs have screens where the picture is viewed. Before the 1970s these were usually black and white, which made everything look gray.But now almost all TVs show colours. All TVs used to be made with cathode ray tubes. These are like heavy glass jars with one side facing out to make the screens. Today there are also Liquid Crystal Display, plasma, rear projection and organic light emitting diod (OLED) TVs.
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Comments 5
Zainab Its a gud effort Zainab
Sep 27th 2011
Sana Hello Aleena! Thanks alot, pal. Erm..Yeah, I took a little help from someone ;) Sana
Dec 23rd 2010
Aleena Helo Sana! Your article is fabulous. I like it very much. You have written it yourself or you have taken someone's help? Aleena
Dec 17th 2010
Sana Thanks :D Sana
Dec 9th 2010
Hasan Your article is good. Hasan
Dec 7th 2010

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