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Emaan  Farhan
Emaan Farhan
Westminster School And College
My Father And I
Published On Mar 27th 2012
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Hi! I am Emaan and I want to tell you a story about my Papa. Every Friday, when I come back from school see him in the computer room, as usual. I hug him and say Assalam-o-Alaikum. He calls me 'munni' Tongue out haha! He makes funny jokes about small things. Sometimes he does too much and annoys me, but I love my papa anyway. My papa and I love to chew on sugary treats and eat lollipops and ice cream. Every father’s day I write a special just-for-you poem, just for my papa. Last year my mum and I decided to bake a chocolate cake for my papa on his birthday. But when mum took out the pan from the oven and tried to take the cake out, it broke! My papa said "It doesn't matter. I'm glad I have a special little girl who thinks her father a great deal. I love my “mano billi !” I love my Papa and he loves me:)
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Comments 23
Affan U have posted alot of stories Affan
Sep 17th 2013
Amna Ur Welcome..... Amna
Nov 17th 2012
Emaan Thanks Amna :) Emaan
Nov 10th 2012
Amna Congratulations:))))))))))))))) Amna
Nov 9th 2012
Emaan Amna: I'll be 11 on November 12, YAY ME! Don't think of me as a little girl like 8 or 9, I know a lot, you know. Oh yeah I TOTALLY FORGOT THE EXCITING NEWS! I cam 1st in my first exam! And the meanie of my class (who always comes first came second!!! Yayhoo! BOO-to-the-YAAA! Emaan
Nov 7th 2012
Amna Hey,Eman u r just 10 i thought u must b 12 or 13,well,when do ur birthday come?????????????????? Nyc, i m also attached with my father my mother called me "tum chamchi ho un ki".I m also attached with my mother:-) Amna
Nov 3rd 2012
Emaan Momina: Your dad is so brave, Momina! I'll pray for him to come back safetly. Don't worry, he'll be fine. Directioner: Awesome, my daddy is worse than EVER! Emaan
Oct 28th 2012
Momina I don't see my dad much these days cause he is in Dir. That is a very dangerous place near the border of Afghanistan. He is keeping Talibans away from Pakistan like a great army officer. . . Please pray he comes back to me safely. . . . I love him alot and life is hard without him. So guys please pray alot!!! I have faith in you guys Peace Out! Momina
Oct 28th 2012
Directioner Forever Awwwww thats soooo and my dad were also like that when i was younger & the only child....he used to call me saboo and he even does it now!! Only difference is that i have much more responsibilities now...and back then i used to get stuffed toys for birthdays and all but nowise get serious stuff..u k.ow all the stuff teens far I've got a cell phone and A dad is bit serious now that i am fourteen....but still my dad is the best...i love him alooooot.... Directioner Forever
Oct 5th 2012
Raniah Nice Raniah
Aug 30th 2012
Aiman Nice story and my father also call me mano billi or munni and whenever i came home from school he is always sitting on computer:p Aiman
Aug 5th 2012
Emaan Well, now Papa's a bit more serious with me now that I've grown up. He says " Munni Tunni" Isn't that serious? (Haha, being sarcastic, he's even worse!) :-) Emaan
Jul 21st 2012
Emaan Thanks Fatimah! Really It means ALOT :-) Emaan
Jul 16th 2012
FR NO.1 I like this story . me and my papa are also like this. Fr No.1
Jul 16th 2012
faisal Really nice Faisal
Apr 8th 2012
ayesha Cute:) Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
Apr 1st 2012
Emaan Well,I'm 10years old donot think i am 5 or 6! :D Emaan
Mar 31st 2012
Bat Yes very nice emaan Bat
Mar 29th 2012
Ashna That is soooo cute:) Ashna
Mar 29th 2012
Emaan Thanks :) Emaan
Mar 29th 2012
Wajeeha Yup.. ur adorable! Wajeeha
Mar 27th 2012
Emaan Hey hey everyone!Nice story,huh? Emaan
Mar 27th 2012

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