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Sibaal Faisal
Sibaal Faisal
Brave Girl
Published On Mar 27th 2012
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Once upon a time a girl named Rosella was born, it wasn't her real name. She lived alone and grows flower for a living. One day as she was growing flower heavy rain fall with thunderstorm, began. She hurried to her little cottage that she had sold the flowers and made. She closed the door and windows and went to bed. After fifteen or sixteen minutes the cottage also broke. Rosella ran and ran there was a cave she went in there and sat thinking about what she lost. She started crying and said “I will not grow flowers anymore" she scared the bats; all went out of the cave. Rosella got scared. After some time she was thinking if that she was rich and she would have everything than she told herself that she will do a job that will make herself  very very very rich so……………………….
Rosella stared thinking for a job sadly. A tear was coming out off her eye but she slept fast in the cave next day she saw her garden she was very sad because it has been damaged. Then she went to the  city name  Apologia she went in a cafe of  Apologia and  sat thinking , an idea came in mind she will sing she knew very much how to sing. Her friend Melody sang with her but when rosella was 10 she left Rosella, Melody’s parents shifted to Apologia but Rosella can't find her. Then so on rosella she grew flower but, now she is in the city so now she  sings "three two one say living but same thing in the world people love their family and friends but who is singing now she don't know her parents or her  melody or the man who is with god who have rarest   me when I was baby but when I was 10  some one left me again I say alone alone alone alone alone so I say alone" now Rosella  got 5 dollars every day for the beautiful song and now she was able to by a medium house. One day she thought that  she will go and see her old  home when she arrived she could not believe her eyes she saw a huge house and a beautiful garden when she rang the  bell a beautiful lady opened the door it was MR and MISS LUIE house they lived there with 3 there children Anny, Benny and Canny.              
She saw it and thought she could have repair this home like they are living but she was happy in her new home. Now she didn’t saw her parents since she was a baby because the old man told her she was lost in the cave that one in she stayed on the storm night and was raced by the old man but he died when she was 4 after that Rosella lived with her best friend melody but she also left because her parents shifted to another city. Now one day the cafe every one really liked her singing they told her you have a contract will you sing in the mall  for the people they will love it please sine it please you will get 50 dollars + you will be popular and hit the town and after some time you might hit the = world  she told yes when she heard "THE WORLD" and she  sinned  the paper  after that day she got rich, rich and richer she brought a huge home with swimming pool she loved to swim and she said to herself "my luck has hit the town and soon the world" tomorrow the VIPs’ will come to listen to my song from the whole world then I will be the most famous singer ever". The next day  V.I.Ps  came to listen her song but by mistake  she sang something no one she sang in French she didn't knew why only French was coming out of her mouth the V.I.Ps didn't like her singing so they told her what type of singing  was that. And requested the owner of mall to fired her and he fired her and her huge house was taken away. Again her mind when that cave in which she had been lost from her parents when she was born and on that night which she had lost her garden, home (stormy night) again she went in that cave and said thinking" why did I sang song in French. I didn't knew also what that means" then she went to bed in her dream she saw that she was a baby and a beautiful queen holding her in her arms and a handsome king ordering beautiful thing for her and suddenly a storm came king  told his men to bring horses and get far away and as they were getting away she saw Eiffel tower on her way and then suddenly she had fallen from  queen arms and she was  found in the same cave which she was now she suddenly woke up she told everyone" I am a princess" everyone thought she was crazy but she had believe in herself she said "if no one will take me to Paris I get  there myself and if I am not the princess kill me they said ok she went to t Paris. She met the king and queen king asked her in French "qui etes-vous?"it means  (who are you) she answered in French" je suis Rossella" it means ( I am Rosella) then she told them the full story they believed her but they didn't keep her name Rosella. They kept her name marry, Marry said " I was raced by an old man he kept my name Rosella" the villages said we are really sorry your highness please forgive us she said " you just need to believe in yourself that’s it" then suddenly queen said "oh our precious daughter we missed you and now we will never lose you"" WE LOVE YOU" king and queen said to their daughter.
MORAL: "True jewel is to believe in you even when everyone says it’s impossible."
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Comments 5
Farhan Intresting Farhan
Jun 16th 2012
SIBAAL THANKS! guys :) Sibaal
Apr 5th 2012
Emaan THE FLOWER FOR A LIVING PART,THE SINGING PART,THE NAME mELODY is taken from the barbie's movie but still,thumbs up :) Emaan
Apr 3rd 2012
ayesha Hmmm, ur rockin gir;) Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
SIBAAL How many people like this! I have taken idea's from 3 or 4 story and created my own story its name is brave girl but I want to call it old story's ideas with a new twist Sibaal
Mar 29th 2012

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