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Fatima  Qasim
Fatima Qasim
Imagine Life Without Trees!
Published On Mar 25th 2012
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We all know very well that trees provide us oxygen that is very important for humans and animal’s life.
Well! Trees also provide us wood to make furniture and are used for other uses also. There are 2 kinds of wood soft wood and hard wood.
Coniferous trees provide us soft wood. That is soft and easily breakable.  As they are soft so they are used to make pulp which is further used for making papers. They are also used to make pencils or other small things that requires less wood.
Trees in tropical rainforest are hardwood. Those are used for construction of ships or building. They are also used for making furniture.
Now think……!! If there would be no trees then no wood!
And if no hardwood then no furniture if no furniture then no bed, chair, cupboard or table. Now think where will you sleep, sit, study or where will you put your things? Would you like to sleep on floor, or would you like to put your things in non organized manner?? Of course not! And if no softwood then no pulp and if no pulp then neither pencil nor paper. Now think where will you write how will you write? Would you like to write on pieces of leather, rock or wool with feather?? Of course not!
So start from now! Think guys! Start planting trees don’t waste time. Being a child the only thing we can do is just bow a seed and it will grow to a tree if you will take care of it…
Now just move your head around and you will see almost everything made up of wood. Now imagine your room without furniture….
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Comments 2
Urooj Gr8......i like ur writing style.................:)reallllly trees are essential f0r our life.... Urooj
Mar 28th 2012
fatima I did alot of search to wrote please comment! Fatima
Mar 26th 2012

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