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Wardah Imtiaz
Wardah Imtiaz
Facebook Addiction
Published On Mar 24th 2012
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The popularity of facebook increases with exponential rate throughout the world. Facebook addiction is becoming common now in almost every age group. It seems almost impossible that a person having a pc in his home and he don’t have his facebook account.
Facebook is an addictive social networking site which has many reason to get the people sign in and not to log out from it. It makes people to stay connected with each other. You can find your lost friends through it. If you are not able to talk to your loved ones frequently then you can get connected with them through faceook.  You can chat, make calls, send messages and also attach files and pictures through messages.
It also has different application like online games such as Farmville, castleville, etc which make children and even elders to play it. Once a person played it has to play it again otherwise his crops will be withered or animals would die, etc. There are also many other fun applications which make people to open the facebook again and again. Some of us are crazy about checking notifications about likes and comments on different posts and pictures.
All these things make this site more addictive than others and people are getting use to of it as a result they are ignoring many of their responsibilities and duties on the real world due to this imaginary or virtual world.
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Comments 6
Aimen You say you're against the idea of facebook, but honestly speaking your article shows no signs of dislikings Aimen
Apr 15th 2012
Wardah Yea.. i just want kids and teenagers not to waste there time on it.. but take it as a hobby..n not to b addicted by it.. Wardah
Apr 4th 2012
Ashna So true.....a big time waster and too much addiction... Ashna
Apr 4th 2012
Aiman Nice work :) Aiman
Apr 3rd 2012
Urooj Ur r!8......its addicted.......students give m0re time t0 fb than t0 studies.....but it has many benefits t000..) Urooj
Mar 28th 2012
Salwa Cooooooooooollll.....!! Salwa
Mar 24th 2012

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