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Sameen Hassan
Sameen Hassan
Human Today
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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Human Today, Socially an Animal Indeed
“Man is a social animal” Every individual has been brought up with this clause as the identity of a man. A social animal, that a man is referred plainly is a species that lives in the midst of hordes of species of its own type. Its pleasures, sorrows, celebration and mourning are all contingent upon the societal circumstances and communal happenings. Be it an event of celebrations or an episode of being down in the dumps, man is forever in influence of people in his ambience. The attitude of masses towards an entity and one’s attitude towards the masses decides the societal behaviour by and large.
Since the inception of man’s life on earth, man has been known to have a living dependent on the surrounding people. In fact there would never be a possibility of man’s life on earth if it were not for the societal relationships developed over time. When Adam was sent to earth, he was endowed with the partnership of Eve. Their partnership thus led man to the modern life of today. There was no chance of Adam’s survival alone on earth. A society gives individual reasons to live. From providing buyers to one’s products to competition for survival, a society, with its highs and lows influence a life in all means. Man earned the title of being a social animal over the time when despite the world not being transformed in to a global village, celebrations next door meant felicity in one’s own place and tragedy in the neighbourhood pained the heart as if one’s own life had been affected.  Life was all about communal happenings. Hearts beat not just for one’s own self but for the joys and pleasures of the people around. This was why man was termed as social animal; an animal that lived for others and whose life depended upon the social values.
However with global revolution, man’s personal existence and perception of social living has also changed entirely. Man today is no more the animal that lives in a society or depends on a community for its joys and sorrows to be mutually shared. It is neither the human, self-restrained and altruistic that he used to be, nor the man whose heart aggrieved for others rather the animal who craves to eat up the rest of the society for personal needs. He is materialistic, selfish and insatiable. His greed for more of what he already has and envy for the ones having more than him has led him to committing ghastly blunders and terrible sins. From snatching rights to committing murders, man has gone to the longest lengths for satisfying his avidity. In former years his priorities used to revolve around the people in his ambience. He was cautious enough to make sure that his efforts cause no harm or wrongly influence the people around him. Now it is all about his personal gain. Be it an experiment that could cause the death of a sole earner or a project that could render multitudes homeless, man is least concerned. The ultimate goal of man revolves around the two grounds of power and regime; the two goals of man for which he is forever ready to cross the longest lengths.
Lately we have acquired a practice of blaming officials for all the upsets in our system. In fact, in our general approach, our working system is itself not sufficient to hold the pressure of a nation’s requirements and demands. We never sweep before our own doors and never does the corruption rampant in our daily lives catch our own eyes but surely the corrupt officer next door is a constant subject of our malice. A leader endows us with a few pennies for a catastrophe we go through and our instincts are satisfied, wounds healed and grief compensated. This general method of reimbursement adopted by us and our leaders soon after a tragedy leaves us with a pocket full but criminals at large. This practice is not just prevalent individually but has its toll nationally and internationally. As a nation we are attacked, bruised and insulted but sooner or later or even simultaneously compensated by aid programs and rehabilitation work. We continue the blame game and concurrently fill our pockets and enjoy the compensatory rewards we receive. The international owners of power and regime do anything and everything to keep their statuses intact.
I recently developed a habit of reading social journals, true stories of world’s biggest dynasties and discovered the most shocking truths unknown to most of my age group. News groups creating wars for the sake of exclusive coverage, pharmaceuticals exposing masses to germs cures of which earn them billions and construction projects rendering millions homeless. This entire nuisance for the sake of the two of man’s ultimate goals, power and regime!
On a personal note, I sit here writing, advising and highlighting and you people reading and agreeing or disagreeing but have we decided to make sure this won’t be a practice from us when God forbade terror strikes? Have we the will and strength to retain the socially noble stature of man? Seek Answers for yourself.
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