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Misha Saleem
Misha Saleem
City School
My Trip To The Dentist
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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Where are my wingtips, my clothes and my file?
Where’s my mobile phone, numbers need to be dialled
You must be puzzled, confused all at once
For that I apology I was just in a fuss.
It all started last Friday, in the afternoon to be precise
I ate some rockyroad cake, that to only one slice
My tooth dangled from my gum
Like on a tree a swinging plum
Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! My tooth !!!!
I shouted in pain
I was jumping and bouncing , I became completely insane
Now that you got some reference to what happened
Let’s rewind
For this don’t you think I’m a little too kind?
It was Sunday morning, 7:00 am sharp
My appointment with the dentist, Ms. Harp
I went to wake up my parents, but what luck
They were fast asleep like a tired swimmer duck
Seeing this sight made me very glum, I sobbed a little
But then I was done.
"Ahhhhhhh", my tooth ached and so i had to run
On the pavement I stood, waiting for a taxi or bus
No taxi no bus i saw with focus
i intended towards the dental clinic
And saw some people having a graceful picnic
All that delicious food made me famish
On top of that they were gnawing on pieces of liquorice
This mouth-watering sight made my tooth go 'Ouch'
But still I ran to see the dentist
While i was running i also saw a bassist
There i stood in front of the tall glass door
While taking quick breaths i stood and pore
Suddenly, a drop of water fell on my face
And soon i heard a noise, "wake up, and c’mon pick up the pace!
i opened my eyes , in front was mum
Already to go to the dentist how foolish i was as well as dumb
I was being delirious and was thinking no one cared about me
How silly I was it was all a dream you see.

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