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Ayan Rehman
Ayan Rehman
Beconhouse School System Middle Branch
Pirate Rumble
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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March 2012

Rank 8 Out of 10
As the sun rose on the Atlantic Ocean I saw my father through my port hole telling the captain that we should hurry or the pirates will catch up and raid us I wondered was this ocean notorious for pirate attacks. I was going up when suddenly a heard a loud explosion and I rushed up on the deck I heard the captain shout (all hands on deck) (Ammar what are you doing on deck?) said my father well he did say ALL HANDS ON DECK) I bellowed (he did not mean you!)my father snapped go to your...)he did not complete his sentence when another explosion took place I realized that it hit my quarters (dang it here goes my collection of books)I said angrily and then some pirates charged into our ship I ignored my father and went to help the others suddenly a giant strong man appeared he grabbed me in his arms and slammed me down into a crew members quarters i quickly jumped up and out of the quarters and in front of him he then said grinning (get lost kid or  you will get hurt) I was so angry that I jumped up garbed his neck and we slammed down together at that time my face was upwards and he was faced down I did not get hurt but his face was bleeding (come on get up fight like a man I am not just any kid i am the heart break kid)I said shouting angrily then some man with huge metal fist appeared and started throwing his fist at me but i dodged and forced him into a head lock then i jumped up and slammed him down but after that he just jumped up and started hitting me again but I dodged the fist but it hit me so hard I was about to fall but I regained my balance and charged at him at full speed he thought i was going to slam into him but I raised my leg and with a bang my boot hit his face and he was pushed so badly by my leg that he crashed into a wooden post then I saw a man a little larger than me rushing towards me but I did not move and when he came close enough grabbed his throat jumped up and slammed him down by his throat another man was rushing towards me so when HE came close i him by his jeans and shirt flipped him and slammed him down then I rushed towards a huge seven footer man I jumped up grabbed his shoulder he and were falling his face was in front of mine when we came were about to slam to the ground I pushed my knee on his face and it his nose he then fell and rolled somewhere then I saw my father and two other crew members competing against two seven footer men the giants grabbed the two crew members but my father was coming to help when the grabbed his throat with their free hands then the lifted the trio up with their throats and slammed them down(oh my god! triple chock slam)I shouted then I rushed towards one of them jumped up did an air borne flip and slammed into him and then charged into the other one and hit him with a clean uppercut that threw him out of the ship into the water and then I threw the other ones that I took down and threw them down into the water as well and then suddenly a cannon ball hit the point where I was standing I quickly jumped up and  saw it was the last man standing it was obviously the captain so I faced him he hit me blows that made me bleed and kept me down but when he came to me closely to see whether i was knocked out i quickly sat up and took him by surprised and used my arms as swords slamming them into his throat some pirates came to help him but I raised my fists and hit them one by one and fell. Two of them were on wooden poles so I slammed into them and used the same move that I hit their captain (looks like the undertaker is cleaning house!)I said slamming one of them then I grabbed their captain into my arms flipped his body so his face was down I was standing at that time then I jumped up and slammed him face first in the floor I slammed him so hard that the wooden floor of the decks and the quarters broke and I sent him at the bottom of the ship and said (take that tombstone pile driver!)then I was hitting him again when my father came and grabbed me (enough Ammar enough) he scolded then he alerted the police and the pirates were sent to jail but this was not over they would escape and take their revenge but i was ready for another pirate rumble.
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Comments 11
Sarah Violence!! Ugh..... except for that well, you have good writing skills. :) Sarah
Jul 10th 2016
Tooba Congratz and very nice Tooba
May 10th 2014
Abdur Rafay Man u write stories as if u r 4rm 9th class ur stories r outstanding,awesome. Abdur Rafay
Jun 27th 2012
Daniyal Ha just okay i think its jst okay Daniyal
Jun 18th 2012
Noor Nice story, except for the violence. Congrats! Noor
Apr 30th 2012
Ayan Thank you all very much for viewing my story may Allah bless you Ayan
Apr 27th 2012
Laiba Congratulation........ Laiba
Apr 4th 2012
shazma Good story !!! Congratulation Shazma
Apr 3rd 2012
Emaan I agree with Ahmed. Emaan
Apr 1st 2012
Ahmed Looks like u luv fightng Ahmed
Mar 31st 2012
Aliza Jst ok Aliza
Mar 25th 2012

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