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Ayan Rehman
Ayan Rehman
Beconhouse School System Middle Branch
Conan The Destroyer
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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Today I woke up at five in the morning attended my prayers and went to the mission module I worked for the universal protection force and was doing my duty when I reached the module the video wall freckled and then a giant booming voice said “I am Conan the Destroyer and I have invaded your galaxy and hence challenged YOU for survival on my planet.” The voice mad me jump up when I saw the video wall I saw there was a robotic barbarian type creature on it. (Who the heck are you anyway?) I asked him snapped (Conan the destroyer you fool!) I said confidently “my name is Ayan” he the bellowed you will be transporting in a few moments) I quickly dashed for my arsenal and my mission clothes and I was transported to a jungle planet I thought this is only the wild forest part of this stupid planet there would be more part so I took the map and I was on my way after walking a short distance I saw a thorn hedge I tried charging into it but the thorns shot out and missed by an inch I then took my barbarian style, and took out my blazer axe and my iron shield and charged cutting and defending myself at last when I was out of the hedge I continued on my way then I saw a sabre tooth tiger it jumped on me but I dodged and grabbed it and slammed it down then some ninjas appeared I went into wrestling mode put my weapons away in my battle pack and grabbed two ninjas with their throat jumped up and slammed them down then I jumped up grabbed a ninjas neck faced downwards and we slammed down together I quickly got up and dashed towards ninja. he tried defending but failed I had my head down I slammed into him then out of suddenly three armoured werewolves came but I took my plasma cannon and shot all three of them and continued I came against crazy obstacles such as giant eagle, two headed giant snakes, giant some armoured knights and some dragons then I saw the technical part of the planet with soldiers and huge tanks so i turned to commando style and first took my sniper and shot the watchmen and then threw a grenade and blasted my way through the barricade and into the other side I then took my atom nuke cannon and shot all the tanks they exploded in front of me and some titans appeared they were giant heavily armed robots they shot all their missiles at me but I turned on my jet pack and my body iron suit and shot missiles out of every part of my body and continued charging then I came across double cannoned tanks which were throwing flames, bullets, explosive shells and missiles but I hijacked them and killed the drivers and made them self destruct the guardian came along  a giant titan which had every dangerous weapon attached to its body it fired it arsenal at me nut so did I and there was a huge explosion  and the titan was destroyed but my suit was also damaged but I repaired it and went to my final destination I prayed the afternoon prayer and went to the volcano cave which was shaped as a skull and had thunder streaming from it and lave coming out of it mouth and eyes and mouth it was also on fire and the path to it had flames on its side I went into it and found Conan standing at the ready he charged at me I activated my blazer claws and slashed he had them too we were each slashing each other with them but I activated my proton cannon and shot the meteor missile onto him  and it exploded but he was not done he used his ultimate weapon and shot such a powerful beam. I was blasted into space but then I charged onto his planet like a flaming meteor and then collided with him he was destroyed. It was time for my asar prayers so I attended them and was on my way to earth.

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Comments 5
Momina I read this again and I totally understand it now. . . SICK AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Momina
Oct 29th 2012
Ali Triple woah!!! Ali
Jul 4th 2012
Momina Hard to understand, with all the gun and cannon sort of stuff in it, im just a 10 year old girl! ;D Momina
Apr 15th 2012
Emaan Double woah! Emaan
Apr 4th 2012
Aliza Woah! Aliza
Mar 25th 2012

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