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Ayesha Ejaz
Ayesha Ejaz
Global School
The Secret Behind Living
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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A beautiful girl she was, with her sparkling, spotless face and flawless long brown hair. A unique character stood in front of me every time I came to school, staring at me with her big blue eyes and long eyelashes. her great character and attitude towards others could not judge that she also had a dark deep side in her life which she hid from everyone, although it always seemed as if there was something inside her heart which was stopping her to live her life, but was the thing she always seemed to only share with me by the way she gazed emotionlessly at me. I had never talked to her neither did I have a deep interest to do so as well, but only found it weird when she stared at me every time I passed by her, but i never asked her, afraid, that I might embarrass myself.
She had loads of friends but she always found ways to talk to me somehow, but i never bothered to talk to her. She was among the most popular girls in school but I never found myself interested in such character.
Once, she came to me and sat by me, “hey,”
“Hi” I replied pretending to not care.
“I was wondering if we could have a little chat after school in the café?” she asked eager to hear my yes.
“Well, i have lots of work to do after school, but i will see if i find time for a chat…” i replied still wishing not to become involved with her.
She stared at me a while and then asked, “don’t you have a friend? i mean you look like a person who should be surrounded with a crowd of friends….”
“na, I’m not interested, besides I keep only one best friend, I don’t need loads of friends to make me feel….. You know…… what you think friends make you feel…. not lonely?” I answered trying to make her feel abashed by her try to make me feel lower and less popular than her.
“Ok, as you wish, I was just willing to know, will you be my best friend??” she asked.
“Why? You have so many friends, than why a friend with me? I mean among so many popular friends, why chose a loser like me?” I asked shocked to hear that she wanted me as a friend, a middle class school girl. “Doesn’t matter, I don’t choose my friends according to their status, I just like you…..” she answered with a smile. i shook my head and replied, “sure, why not…”
Next day, I saw her coming to school with her uncle sitting on an old bicycle. I heard her begging to her uncle, “but, please, my friends would mind it, they won’t talk to me, “look,” his uncle said with an unfriendly expression on his face, “I had not been saving money for your so called friends, you know we hardly get enough money for breakfast.” after then, angel walked towards me with a huge sadness on her face and cried, “you have seen the truth now, I’m not that wealthy but i lied to everyone to make them my friends, because no one ever noticed me, i didn’t know that in this cruel world, a person is judged by his wealth, and this lead to me speaking lies to people so that they would pay attention to me.”
Then, I replied, “you shouldn’t run after them, change yourself in a way that they would run after you, make yourself able to make place for yourself in this world because this is the secret to live in this world…….. But do not hide your own self…”
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Comments 5
Khadijah Is it true ??????????? Khadijah
Aug 16th 2012
Emaan OH why,it's Ok Emaan
Apr 4th 2012
ayesha Shes begging for money to buy her friends some gift.... Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
Wafa Good 1 but what the girl begging her uncle for? Wafa
Mar 25th 2012
Aliza 2 lng 2 read bt gud Aliza
Mar 25th 2012

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