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Aiman Akhtar
Aiman Akhtar
-4x-6x =? . Argh! It’s Giving Me A Headache
Published On Mar 15th 2012
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Out of every 5 students, 1 student takes interest in maths while the rest 4 try to avoid it. Many of us are good in maths before algebra hits us. The most obvious reason for students to not take interest in this particular subject is because they cannot understand it. The same happened with me but then this one day my maths teacher told me something which I guess I'll never forget and it will always be there in my heart . When I couldn't solve a particular problem he came to me and said '' Maths and Quran never give any useless information so when they give you some information, try to focus on it , they are trying to help you'' Upon hearing those words , I did the same thing , I focused on my question and it really did work! It not only helped me in my monthly tests but also in my final exams. So, the next time you're doing maths or reading the holy Quran, do not ignore anything because it might be very useful. In case of maths, if you feel that a particular problem or sum is hard then focus on it and try to see the signs which might help you out.
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Comments 4
pawan I am IN mETRIC Strandard AND mY SUBJECt is MAth...... i take all questions of math as a challenge for me.......... Pawan
Oct 15th 2012
Emaan I LOVE maths! Emaan
Oct 10th 2012
fatima It is reaLLy cooool!!!! i love math it is like a game and algebra means we are promoting to next hard level!that is more fun!!!:) Fatima
Apr 4th 2012
Ashna Cool....i personally love algebra because out of all the topics in maths its the only one I can understand. Its like a puzzle to me. Ashna
Mar 17th 2012

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