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Ashna Ahmed
Ashna Ahmed
Force 911
Published On Mar 15th 2012
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Alyss stared gloomily at her bedroom wall. These summer holidays were so boring. There was nothing to do each day. She didn’t even want to surf the net anymore. 2 weeks of constant surfing 24/7 had taken out all her interest. Life was really deep down in the pits. Anything would’ve been more exciting than the boring life she was leading at the moment. She craved for excitement. Alyss heard the doorbell ring downstairs. She wondered who it was. As she descended downstairs she heard her mum, Priscilla, speak in an anxious voice. She peeked through the door in the living room, and saw two guys in black suits and sunglasses, speaking in a quiet and urgent voice to her parents.
“No! You can’t tell her. You have no right to. We are her parents and as her mum I forbid you to tell her. It will ruin her life. She has lived happily for the past 16 years and I have no intentions to ruin her life for her” said Priscilla.
“Are you really her parents?” asked the shorter man with an amused expression. “Wouldn’t guardians be a better word?”
Guardians? What was that man talking about? Thought Alyss. And what didn’t mum want to tell me?
“Alyss has no right to know the past. We have kept from her these past years and we will keep it that way” said Frank in a hard voice.
“Oh, I think that Alyss Drew has every right to know her past. She has every right to know about her real parents, Mr Grant” the man had adopted the same hard tone as Frank.
Alyss decided that she had had enough of the mystery. She stepped in the living room and in her calmest voice asked “What do I have the right to know?”
Priscilla uttered a low moan and Frank looked anguished. How much had she heard? He thought.
The tall man turned to her and told her to take a seat.
“Well, so this is the baby Alyss. Not so much a baby now, though” he added.
“Who are you?” she asked.
The tall man flashed his ID at her. “Mr. Donnelly is the name. I am from the secret agency SPYFORCE. This man here,” he gestured to the shorter man beside him. “Is my partner Mr. Barry”.
“Alyss, darling, come here” said Priscilla, who had recovered from her distress. “You father and I have something to tell you”. Priscilla looked uncomfortable for a second. Frank sensing his wife’s distress was returning took over.
“Alyss this will come as a big shock to you but we aren’t your real parents. Your real parents died when you were just a year old. They worked for these men here and were on a mission when they died. They were murdered by a sinister group who call themselves FORCE 911. Of course, the murder was disguised perfectly. It was made to look as though they had died in a car crash. The brakes were tampered with and your dad, who was driving, lost control of the car. We were made your guardians after their death. We thought it would be best if you knew nothing of the past. You parents were our closest friends” Frank added.
“Murdered? FORCE 911?” Alyss went numb with shock. The word echoed in her mind. Slowly her numbness melted into hot anger.
“Why tell me now?” she demanded. “Why wait until these men turn up at our house? Why did you let me live my life in web of lies?” Alyss’s voice choked up on her tears.
“Alyss, please try to understand that we did the best for you. We wanted you to live a happy life” implored Priscilla.
“You mean a life of lies” said Alyss bitterly.
The two agents looked on sat the family in silence. Mr. Donnelly decided that it was time to interfere. He cleared his throat loudly and got the attention that he wanted. Everyone looked at him
“As you know now Alyss, your parents worked for us. I think that you are ready to work for us as well, if you wish to that is” said Mr. Donnelly calmly.
Priscilla and Frank looked fearfully at Alyss as she thought about their offer.
“Well…” she said slowly. “I don’t really know much about your agency, you know”.
“Alright, but I’ll warn you beforehand that in future I will deny that this conversation took place” said Mr. Donnelly. “As you might have gathered, we work for the government. We infiltrate agencies that we think are going or harm or disrupt the world in any way. I can’t tell you our latest mission since it is top secret, but I will tell you that you will need to work under disguise and there will always be a possibility of being injured or in rare cases, killed”.
Alyss thought it sounded all rather phony. But at the same time these men seemed to hold an air of authority and they has shown, or rather flashed, their ID cards. Plus it could mean finding out more about her dead parents. She thought carefully, her parents/guardians had brought her up after all. They had been the ones to be there on every special occasion she could remember. They were there when she learnt how to ride a bike. They were there when she had graduated from primary school. They were the only parents she had known.
“Where is this agency of yours” asked Alyss.
“It’s main Headquarter is located in Darwin. That’s where we intend to take you if you accept our offer” replied Mr. Barry.
Darwin! That was in the middle of nowhere. If she accepted their offer she might not get to see her parents for a long time. And imagine working in that heat, thought Alyss.
She took a deep breath. “If I accept your offer, will my parents come with me?”
Mr. Donnelly and Mr. Barry looked uneasily at each other. They had not anticipated that question.

To Be Continued…

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Comments 12
Momina Really awesome dude i am re-viewing for the 2nd time 1st time was wen i was not when a member of vshine!! so long ago. . . Momina
Dec 30th 2012
Tooba Good Tooba
Oct 8th 2012
Jun 13th 2012
Ashna Ohh..... Ashna
Apr 8th 2012
l By viewing your profile............. L
Apr 7th 2012
Ashna How'd u know i live in sydney????? Ashna
Apr 5th 2012
Ashna Thanx glad u all liked my story. U'll publish the second one soon. BTW i live in Australia Ashna
Apr 3rd 2012
l Hie Ashna aapi...Hows sydney.... L
Apr 2nd 2012
Emaan I can't wait for the second part!Publish it soon Ashna!Where do you live? Emaan
Apr 1st 2012
Wafa Good effort ashna . plz publish the second part soon . iam waiting for it very eagerly. Wafa
Mar 20th 2012
Ashna Thanx Ashna
Mar 17th 2012
Wajeeha Kwl... m waiting for the next story! Wajeeha
Mar 15th 2012

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