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Menahil Idrees
Menahil Idrees
Change In Fate
Published On Mar 15th 2012
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What I saw one day didn't just amaze me but it also changed my mind about the world we live in. There are two types of people. One who love helping people and one who hate to do so. Well, yesterday I was a different type of person. I was willing to help people but I guess I was selfish, I was saving money for a dress that I was impatient to buy. I mean a designer dress with sequins, floral patterns etc. But yesterday what I saw didn't just change my fate but also my destiny.
An old woman was lying on the road beside the body of her son. She was yelling and crying from shock. People were gathered around them. I was passing by and I heard a scream. I ran towards the site and what I saw was beyond belief. The body was of the son of the old woman. On asking a man, I found out that the woman had dropped her purse and was picking it while the young man was passing the road. Soon, a huge truck loaded with polished furniture came and hit the man. The man on the spot fell down. Blood was coming out of his legs. One of them was broken and his arm seemed as if fractured. Luckily, he was still alive.
A poor looking beggar came through the crowd and donated 100 rupees to the old lady. I was shocked at this. A beggar, who had nothing, had just donated 100 rupees which might have been the only amount he had. What will eat now? How will his children survive? I was shocked. Uncontrollably, I put a hand into my pocket and took out my wallet. My dream dress was of 5000 rupees. I had eventually saved up 3000 and just 2000 more to go. But, I gave them all to the woman. I was emotionally uncontrollable now. Without a single thought I gave the money and people stared in disbelief at me that a child a thirteen year old kid, okay call it a teenager is giving 3000 to an old lady in distress.
There were other donations as well. Then without wasting time a noble man, escorted the woman and the man to the hospital in his car. There the woman paid the fees and surprisingly, I got to know the news that the young man had recovered after a few weeks. My mother was happy when I told her this. The next day, to my surprise, the old woman awaited the gate of my house. She thanked me and said that without your three thousand things would have been unfortunate. She held out one thousand to me and said that she would return the rest as soon as possible. But I didn't take the money. I knew I had helped someone.
It was a matter of honour and supreme delight for me. So, you might be thinking about the designer dress. Well, fate changed. I got as a prize for winning a fashion contest. I got both things. My dream dress and the happiness of my family and my lord, Allah.
Allah gives us the courage to always help poor people, Amin!

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Comments 10
sajahir Minahel your stories are amazing Sajahir
Sep 29th 2016
Areeba Goooooooooooooooood Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Menahil Thanx. I love u all. Menahil
Mar 26th 2012
Aliza Lovely Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Aliza Lovely Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Wajeeha Great story! a message: we should not only read this and forget bout it but try our best to help the people who r in need. Wajeeha
Mar 19th 2012
Ali Really great story Menahil. Ali
Mar 19th 2012
Bushra I just loved your story!!!!!!!! Bushra
Mar 18th 2012
Menahil Ya, it does, by the way Thanx Ashna!!! Menahil
Mar 17th 2012
Ashna Wow....such a nice story. It really makes you think twice, doesn't it? Ashna
Mar 16th 2012

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