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Affan Faisal
Affan Faisal
Asad And Thieves
Published On Mar 15th 2012
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Once there was a boy named Asad. He lived in the woods with his family. Asad's dad cut woods to make money. Asad's mom took care of Asad's sister and him. Asad's job was to take care of his sister when her mom is working in the broken house. One day, Asad went in the jungle. He was walking and he heard some sound he was so scared. But it was almost dark. Then he sat down beside a tree and thought about that I did a very big mistake to come in this jungle. Asad's tears came out. He was asleep. Then when he woke up he saw that he was in the dark place. Then a man came and said, "Don't worry nothing will happen to you." Asad said, ''Who are you.'' His tears came out again. The thief said, '' I am a bad guy I will cut you into pieces. Asad was so scared and the thief went with the other thieves to have lunch. He was all alone in the attack and tied by the stairs rail. Asad's mom and dad were very worried. So they called the police. Then the police came and said,'' What happened!'' Mom and dad said, '' Our child Asad is lost in the jungle''. The police went in the jungle and saw a house. They sneaked in and heard some talking. The police said'' There are the thieves.'' ''Let's go in there,” whispered the officer. In the attack they saw the child and untied him. Asad said,'' Who are you?'' The police said,'' I am policeman''. ''Thanks god'' said Asad. The police brought Asad back and erased the thieves. In the morning Asad woke up and saw he was in a big house. His house was so beautiful. Then they lived happily ever after.

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Comments 5
Shaheer Yeah good try but mistakes were there Shaheer
Aug 18th 2014
Feb 27th 2013
Aliza Nyc Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Wajeeha There a few mistakes but its ok.. aswm idea! Wajeeha
Mar 18th 2012
Affan It's not attack in the story it's attic and in the end it is arrested Affan
Mar 15th 2012

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