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Wasia Ahmad
Wasia Ahmad
Army Public School
Inner Beauty
Published On Mar 13th 2012
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Alice was a beautiful girl. She was the prettiest girl in her class; her skin tone was fair than everybody and her hair were black and straight. Her eyes were brown. She was very fond of her beauty and thought that she was the most beautiful girl in the world.
But she was not at all nice. She would laugh if anyone would fall down and would not help him, she would say her friends that they are ugly, and foremost thing was that she was a short-tempered girl with a bad attitude. She never thought before speaking. Her teachers thought that she was always misbehaving.
Now one day, as she was going to school, she saw that her friend Sally had fallen and was crying bitterly. Instead of helping her, she laughed aloud and said, “Oh, poor Sally, why you people are so careless? Look at me, I am perfect and have you ever seen me fallen or crying like a baby? Little Sally cry baby!” And then she passed away. That very day, as the teacher announced about games period, everyone was very excited. As everyone was playing games, they heard someone’s loud and painful cry. They turned around to run for help, but as they saw that it was Alice, all of them stopped and were very glad to see her in this way. Some girls started making fun of her. Alice was feeling rather bad and she was hurt as no one was helping her. From the entire big crowd, someone came and helped her to get up. It was Sally. Yes she was Sally. She was a kind-hearted girl, whom Alice had made fun of. Sally took her to class and gave her first aid. Alice was very ashamed and her face had turned as an apple. She said to Sally,” Please Sally, forgive me. I am such a mean girl and I always say that you are ugly and I make fun of you. Now I have realized that outer beauty is nothing whereas inner beauty is everything.”  Sally replied,” It’s okay! That’s enough that you have at least realized your mistake.” Alice was feeling rather light.
But do you know whenever anyone is in problem, the first person to offer help is Alice. Everyone has forgotten about the previous Alice and they love the new Alice.
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Comments 15
maria Nice story and it is so true Maria
Feb 9th 2015
Sahar Again! U surprise me every time with such stories! Sahar
Jun 13th 2014
nazish Gud story n its really true that outer beauty iz nothing if da person's inner beauty is ugly. Nazish
Dec 14th 2013
tazeen Now it is great for us..... Tazeen
Jun 5th 2012
Wasia Yes Tazeen i am in aps westridge..........n we can also meet! u no a great deal about me! Wasia
Jun 1st 2012
mahnoor Wasia ur artical is amazing I like it so much <3<3 Mahnoor
May 29th 2012
tazeen I am studying in 6 White of Aps in Westridge...My sister also came in your Library period and she brought weight machine and distribute questionair among ur class on 21st May Monday... But Are U studying In aps westridge or Islamabad???So we can meet....What do u think?? Tazeen
May 27th 2012
Wasia Yes tazeen, how do u no me? Wasia
May 26th 2012
tazeen Mmmm...Wasia are u studying in 8purple Tazeen
May 21st 2012
Momina <3 Momina
Apr 15th 2012
Wasia Thankz WAFA♥ Wasia
Mar 22nd 2012
Wafa It is a good story and is based on new generation as this thing is happening everywhere even in my school a girl named sonia is like that. Wafa
Mar 20th 2012
Wasia Thanks alot.... Wasia
Mar 14th 2012
Ashna Nice story:)....its got a real message Ashna
Mar 14th 2012
Affan Kind of good Affan
Mar 13th 2012

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