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Aiman Akhtar
Aiman Akhtar
Letter To An Imaginary Friend Living In Venus
Published On Mar 13th 2012
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To Gustos’
From Aiman Akhtar
Subject: Time
Sent via imagination
Dear Gustos'
How are you? I hope you're fine. Are the poisonous gases on Venus still affecting your health? Last time I checked, they had given you a bad stomach ache. Anyway I wanted to talk to you about time. A few days ago, I was addicted to my video games and I wouldn't do anything besides playing them. So this one day, my mum came to me and told me that it was a waste of time and that time was something really precious. The thought of time being something really precious never occurred to me and it confused me which Is why I decided to ask you about. Why is time so precious and why do we have to care of it so much?
Yours sincerely
To Aiman Akhtar
From Gustos'
Subject: RE:
Replied via imagination
Dear Aiman,
How are you? I am fine. The gases are much more badly now not mention the weather forecasts which are predicting lava storm because of the many volcanoes erupting over here. I read your letter and I thought that it was quite interesting. Well, you see dear, time is something which does not wait for anyone. None can buy it or control it other than God. If once lost, we cannot get it back, therefore we must try to utilize our time in the best way possible and not waste it.
Yours sincerely
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Comments 7
 Shiza Superb and great effort:) Shiza
Mar 6th 2014
Ahmed Different Ahmed
Mar 31st 2012
Wafa An informative and a funny letter . . . anyway good effort Wafa
Mar 20th 2012
Anna Excellent job. Great concept... Anna
Mar 17th 2012
Aiman Damn , I forgot to check for my grammatical errors ... dont the vshine people re-check the stuff ... I wish they did :P Aiman
Mar 14th 2012
Simra Good job Simra
Mar 13th 2012
Affan Superb Affan
Mar 13th 2012

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