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Urooj Usmani
Urooj Usmani
Sms Aga Khan School Karachi
Just For Fun
Published On Mar 15th 2012
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Edward says to Alice " I can tell u when your birthday is if you tell me the answers to the following:
1) Multiply the number of your birth month by 5. (If you are born in September, then multiply 9 by 5 etc.)
2) Add 7.
3) Multiply the result by 4.
4) Add 13.
5) Multiply the total by 5.
6) Add the no. of the day on which your birthday falls. (If your are born on 3 April, add 3 etc)
7) Subtract 205 from the total.
Now, your answer will be either a 3 or a 4 digit number.
If it is 3 digit number, the first digit will be the month and the next 2 digits will be the day of your birthday.
If it is 4 digit number, the first 2 digits will be your birth month and the last two digits will be the day of your birthday.
Am I right...???????
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Comments 9
Aliza  Omg Aliza
Jan 31st 2016
Urooj G00d.......f0r u n thnks f0r appreciati0n..:) Urooj
Apr 3rd 2012
unaiza Cool!!!! i've tried it and it worked.........:p Unaiza
Mar 20th 2012
Aisha This trick really works, i even tried it with my friends..... Aisha
Mar 20th 2012
Urooj Mahn00r......i think u have done some wrong calculations....................ANd thankSZz f0r comeenting..........:) Urooj
Mar 20th 2012
M No, my answer is 842 and I was born on 27th Feb, 2001. M
Mar 18th 2012
Salwa Hahhaha...nice trick...urooj Salwa
Mar 18th 2012
Urooj Plx xxxx c0mment.............:p Urooj
Mar 17th 2012
Ashna Lol.....i know this trick. Pretty cool, huh? Ashna
Mar 16th 2012

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