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Syeda Fatima Mustafa Zaidi
Syeda Fatima Mustafa Zaidi
Bahria College, Islamabad
Let’s Save Our Nature!
Published On Mar 31st 2012
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Tall grasses, waving in the wind, a faint smell of the lake and the spanking new wind made the atmosphere further breathtaking. Visiting a wetland was my deepest wish and now it was true. I took off my slippers and felt the wet mud of the fen squishing beneath my toes. Watching my toes sunk into the mud, I noticed my legs becoming thin and hard. The legs were now tiny fins. Now I could really swim! My body was covered with black feathers. I dived into the clear water, contented about experiencing an extraordinary thing.
I needed a breath of air so I swam up towards the radiance. I saw a flash of the dragonfly, and darts chasing the buzzing flies. On the coast, hidden among the tall grasses, was a Hawaiian coot sitting on a nest, keeping six dotted eggs warm. She was famished. I bought her some of the plants I scooped up.
“Thanks”, Said the Hawaiian coot. “I am happy to help. I am new at this place so I don't have any companion here, will you join friendship with me?”I asked.“Sure” she replied and said. “But I would recommend you to go to the place where you came from. You don't know what the humans have made this place. Suburban development projects like factories, Dikes and levees built along rivers to divert flood waters, Logging and mining, Pollution, Road construction and Planting of non-native plants is causing the species on this wetland to breathe their last.”
Then the giant water-bug and brown water scorpion came who told me the importance of wetlands “Wetlands are considered the ‘nurseries of life.’ That's because wetlands provide a home for thousands of species of animals. Wetlands soak up everything from slow floodwaters and excess nutrients and pollution—preventing us from floods and tropical storms, as well as health problems.”
The Hawaiian coot also added “I wish we just got a chance to tell the humans the consequences of destroying wetlands which is harmful to them and us.”
The next moment I felt myself turning back to a human. I came outside the water without delay, leaving behind all of them bewildered. This meeting with the poor endangered species gave me a food for thought. I left that place, promising my friends to help them by realizing humans the significance of wetlands.
“Let’s save the wetlands ----- lets save the world.”
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Comments 5
Parihan Baji please accept my request Parihan
Jul 12th 2012
Zoya Baji please tell khadija to accept my friend request. Zoya
Jul 7th 2012
Parihan Its an awesome poem Parihan
Jun 29th 2012
Zoya You are a good writer , painter and you are are every thing. Zoya
Jun 13th 2012
ayesha Superb expression;) Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012

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