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Aiman Akhtar
Aiman Akhtar
A Cascade Of Memories
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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On one calm and cool night; when the stars were twinkling high in the sky; when the moon was bathing in the silver essence of night; the air was filled with joy, I ran to the huge mall which was on cyber road. I was very excited as I was going there to get myself a costume for the play which we were performing in school.  I could barely stand still at that time. As soon as I stepped inside the mall, I felt an unexplainable joy within me. I was going through all the shops when the mall shook slightly, this caused uproar. I could hear voices from all around, panic was in the air. Suddenly, the building moved fiercely again and then I understood, 'it was an earthquake’. My adrenaline pulsed through me. I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks, dying was a hard fact for me to accept .Everything had turned dark in a matter of seconds, shouting and panic was everywhere. The top two floors of the building fell and that is when I lost my consciousness.  A huge piece of rock had fallen on me. Every inch of my body was feeling a throbbing pain, my whole body was covered in blood, and slow-whimpers were escaping my mouth.  Suddenly, a hand came from nowhere and started to push me, the pain in my body worsened. I tried to push the hand away but it wouldn't give up and therefore I gave in. The hand slowly pushed me out and it turned out to be a policeman's. He lay me down on something soft, a female came by my side then and injected something into my body. I slept. A few days later, I woke up in a hospital, the pain in my body had seemed to fade away but the memories were still there. The incident made me realize that I had done nothing in life and that I needed to become ‘somebody’ before I die. I needed to make a change in the world because this life is so short; no one knows when it will end. Therefore we must do something good in life so that people remember us till generations and be thankful to us.
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Comments 13
 Shiza Its gr8:):):) Shiza
Mar 6th 2014
Wafa Nice Wafa
Oct 13th 2013
Amna Gr8 Amna
Dec 19th 2012
mathilda Nice school ya got there in karachi!!!! Mathilda
Nov 13th 2012
Bint waseem Tremendous!!!!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Apr 12th 2012
Aiman @xerac : Big deal :P Aiman
Apr 10th 2012
xerac "school:hogwarts" i mean, seriously? Xerac
Apr 10th 2012
Aiman Thanks Izza :) Aiman
Apr 5th 2012
ayesha COOL!!!!!! Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
Izza Yo.........dude...i like ur's ike cool! Izza
Apr 1st 2012
Ali I agree with Ashna Ali
Mar 25th 2012
Aliza Cioooool Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Ashna Wow...nice story. It has a great message! Ashna
Mar 23rd 2012

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