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Sarah Ahmad
Sarah Ahmad
A Prediction Of Earthquakes In The World
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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Many scientists are researching about the upcoming earthquakes because people want to know about it eagerly in this article the author have done the research by itself about the earthquakes. First by the introduction of the earthquakes, earthquakes are the shocks in the plates of continents which allow them to float on the magmatic surface. May this be not the truth, but it is considered that there are still 500 big or small earthquakes to occur in the surface of the earth. The rumours of the judgement day coming in the 2012 are all false because the people themselves have plotted it, to make suspense in the year of 2012.The rumours are that much strong that the Hollywood made a movie on the year also named (2012).
If this will not be true that the end is coming in 2012, it will be a great spit on the scientists and the one who have gone that much dependent and their faiths are that much strong that they made a movie. Those who are Muslims and do believe in one Gods existence can never believe in the Mayan’s calendar .All those things made by the human are not able to put faiths on.
Now some news about the earthquakes. Some of you might know about the yellow stone park in California, there is a volcano which is the source of earthquake and distraction in the 2012.Basically there is going to be a huge earthquake in 2012, by which it is known as the end for several countries flood, earthquake and disaster affected.
There will be loads of earthquakes in these areas: Pakistan, China Thailand, India, Africa, America, Europe and others.
So, beware of the earthquakes and whenever they come the relief spot must be under a quake resistance place.
May Allah save all humanity from these destructions.

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