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Regulus Black
Regulus Black
Through The Forest
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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March 2012

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Monkeys dancing in the trees, spiders creeping out on us, deer gliding through the trees, elephants stamping their way through the forest, squirrels climbing up the trees, flowers peeping in from behind tree barks, toads croaking- jumping their way out of the pond, different forms of algae sticking to our shoes  and finally, me earning a new Girl Scout’s badge- it had been a spectacular and adventurous nature hike.
I was so happy that I was literally skipping around, ahead of everyone else in my group. I ran and ran and laughed and jumped around and chased butterflies and soon forgot what I was supposed to be doing. Too late, I realized that I had lost sight of the track and my friends.
 Fear gripped me. I was, after all, just a little girl lost in a big and dangerous forest.  I called my friends’ names. But no one came. No one knew where I was and no one could hear me. I fell and then, there was nothing but blackness.
Someone was slapping my face. I regained consciousness. I tried to recall where I was. And then I remembered. I had passed out in the forest.  I opened my eyes to see, hopefully, one of my friends but what I saw instead astounded me. A monkey! It was slapping my face with a banana peel.
“Excuse me!” I cried.
It burped in my ear and ran off to an enclosed place not far away. I went closer to it and gaped. There were elephants, monkeys, deer, owls, and even lions there- all together! I looked at them with my mouth open in awe.
I wish I hadn’t, for the same monkey came and shut my mouth with a slap.
“Hey!” I exclaimed, annoyed.
“May I ask why you’re here?”  It said squeakily.
I was so shocked that it could speak that my mouth dropped open again. He slapped me again and said, “My name is Mombasa. Hi.”
It turned out that he was one of the animals in the management at the ‘Wildlife Community’. He offered to give me a tour of the place and I agreed. While we were at the dormitories, a female monkey passed by and Mombasa turned cherry red. I started teasing the poor monkey who turned redder and redder and tried to run away at times. After my constant teasing and questioning, he finally admitted that he liked her and told me that her name was Basu. “Mombasa and Basu, I like it!” I said and he hid his face in his hands.
I started laughing at the absolute cuteness of the situation.  He blushed further and took me to their Dining Hall. There, I met a lion, Potayla, an elephant, Hikzigoo, and many other animals with names that made me laugh for minutes. They treated me as a special guest. I learned that there was supposed to be a special festival later in which there was a traditional dance in which a specific animal had to choose its spouse. All the animals voted for an animal and the result was announced after lunch. I had a crazy idea, and got the other animals on my scheme. We all voted for Mombasa.  The moment his name was announced was epic. He dropped his plate and his eyes turned very big and round and he asked, ‘Me?’ weakly. All the animals laughed and he turned as red as the tomato he was holding. 
The evening came quickly and I waited for the dance to begin. We all sat down in a big circle around the fire, waiting for the couple to dance. Mombasa stood there with his knees shaking. One of the monkeys pushed Basu forwards.  Mombasa grinned and Basu smiled shyly. Before anyone realized, they were dancing, with their tails!
The evening was filled with joy, singing and dancing. Monkeys, elephants, squirrels, and every other animal danced and congratulated the couple. Before long, I fell asleep, tired by the amazing day I had. I felt Hikzigoo pick me up and take me through the forest. I heard the far- away cheers of my friends, a great end to my amazing journey through the forest.
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Comments 16
Aiza Nice Aiza
Jul 10th 2017
Tooba Awesome and congratz Tooba
May 25th 2014
hibba First of all congratzzz i am also student of LGS but wah cantt branch which branch of LGS u study gulberg 3??? Hibba
Jan 16th 2014
afifah Wow excellent Afifah
Jul 27th 2013
regulus Thanks everyone! Regulus
Apr 22nd 2013
Wajeeha Amazing!!i luv it! =) Wajeeha
Nov 15th 2012
Maham Congrats! Maham
Apr 12th 2012
asma Wow nd congratz Asma
Apr 6th 2012
regulus Thank you, guys! =D Regulus
Apr 4th 2012
Laiba Congratzzzzz Laiba
Apr 4th 2012
shazma Congratzzzzzzzz Shazma
Apr 3rd 2012
Emaan This story was bound to win!Thumbs up! Emaan
Apr 1st 2012
Aliza Nyc story .......i also luv harry potter Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Aiman Agree with ashna Aiman
Mar 25th 2012
Daim Hay nice one....... and know harry potter is my favouratest as well itss really so gr8 and i love its all books but prisinor of azkaban no match in the world Daim
Mar 22nd 2012
Ashna Nice imaginative story!! Ashna
Mar 22nd 2012

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