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Haadiyah Sajid
Haadiyah Sajid
I'm Homeschooled!
Amna's Daily School
Published On Sep 3rd 2010
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December 2010

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Amna’s alarm buzzed in her ear. Amna jumped out of bed, put off the alarm, rushed to the bathroom, and quickly went out of the room. She requested a cheese sandwich and bread with egg. While their maid kindly made her food, Amna packed her lunchbox. “Mmmmm,” she said, “Yummy biscuits! Okay. Now I must see what’s there to put in my water bottle.” She looked around the kitchen. “Not water. Boring! Maybe mango juice?” She opened the fridge. “Nope. No mango juice available. I know! Chocolate milk!” She poured 5 mini packages of Milo into her water bottle, and then she had breakfast. After that, she changed and got her school bag. Afterwards, she got out into the street.
The sun peeked up from the hills. When Amna passed by Leela’s house, Ambreen, Noor, Leela and Sidra all came out of their houses. Then all the kids walked in a group. “Hi Amna!” called Ambreen, “My test is today, and Sidra’s test is tomorrow. When is yours?” “My test? What? I don’t have a test! I passed my test yesterday already!” said Amna, surprised. “Really? Then how many marks did you get?” asked Noor. “Oh,” answered Amna, “Seventy eight out of eighty. Leela, your test was day before yesterday, so how many marks did you get?” “Sixty nine out of seventy,” said Leela. The bus turned into the street. The group turned to the right, as the bus stopped near them. Amna led the kids into the bus.
The bus had three seats on each side, and at the end of the bus there was plenty of room for five people. So Sidra, Ambreen, Amna, Noor and Leela all could sit quite comfortably there. And that was where they sat! They always, always, ALWAYS were the first kids to enter the bus—and the first thing they did was: Go and sit at the backmost part of the bus. Always!
The bus’ door closed as the last student stepped in. The bus then went off. Blue school was a few kilometers away from Amna’s street, but the bus always went faster than a golf car! Suddenly Amna said that she saw Anna, her cousin. “Oh no, Anna? She always comes on the second bus!” said Leela. “Yup,” agreed Amna, “So that can’t be Anna. Hi Noor? What’s up? Why aren’t you speaking?” “Oh,” said Noor, “my test is today. I’m just revising,” “Hi! Did you know? Today we’re gonna have a new teacher,” said Sidra, “and guess what her name is! Come on, everyone, guess!” “Haadiah?” “No,” “Shania?” “Close one,” “Saadia? Sana? Shaffia?” “No.” “Tell us!” “Okay…” said Sidra slowly, “her- name – is – is……” “Come on!” “it is – it is – Sid- Sid- SIDRA!
Oh! Look, guys! The bus has stopped, so let’s go!” said Sidra. The friends talked together as they walked through the hall. At the class entrance-doors, they departed.
Then they met again at lunchtime. They used to exchange treats everyday, too. This time, Amna gave Ambreen a chocolate chip cookie. Ambreen gave Sidra a carrot, and Sidra gave everyone a chocolate piece. Leela gave everyone a funny delivery—cookie crumbs, 5 per person! Noor gave a sandwich to Amna.
After school, they met again. In the bus after school, they used to talk about the class, as they were doing this time. Sidra told everyone about the new teacher. “She’s thin and tall and pretty!” she said. “And she’s got golden hair braided out like me!” “I guess you two will make a good pair,” said Noor. “We are! Miss Sidra is kind and talkative, and she never punishes anyone,” said Sidra.
“You’re lucky!” everyone said in the same breath. The bus stopped at Ambreen’s home, and the children departed again. They will meet once more at playtime.
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Comments 52
Fatima I agree with Aiza Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Aiza Wow ,story by 8years old kid. Aiza
Dec 12th 2016
Feb 11th 2015
subhana Hadiyah can i be your friend Subhana
Jan 31st 2015
subhana Very nice story,its beutiful Subhana
Jan 30th 2015
Soha Just a great story!!!!! Fantabulous!!! Excellent, keep it up:) One more thing, Haadiya, I sent u friend request. Hope u would accept it!! Soha
Feb 4th 2013
Alyina I just couldn't understand the main idea of your story Alyina
Sep 2nd 2011
Itachi Friends please comment on my story A Very Big Surprise it is on page 1 Itachi
Aug 8th 2011
Itachi Well done Haadiyah!!Nyc Story but an 8 year old child can never write this type and be the winner.But ur mom said u wrote it i say it is the best story.Keep it up . Itachi
Aug 7th 2011
Aleena Izza can't you see! I have said sorry to her and I had explained her everything and she has also forgiven me! so , you plz stay out of this! Aleena
Apr 23rd 2011
Izza A.O.A! Aleena! you've used harsh & rude should learn some manners!!!! i think so!!....if you don't like her story, it's OK, because it's your own opinion about one's story.....but, there is a way you should talk with you can say that i read your story but, i didn't like it so much...keep iy up!! that's it!!! but, i think that you are out of yur senses & gone mad!!!!!!! you should say SORRY to haadiyah, she's a good girl! Izza
Apr 10th 2011
Haadiyah I am glad you're out of Satan's trap, Aleena. And now, I believe that all the members of v shine are friends! :) Haadiyah
Feb 18th 2011
Aleena Oh Haadiya! I am very sorry if you have mind my words! I don't really mean that! But I was upset those days and you were also ignoring me! So,I became very.............! I am sorry! and lets be friends again? Aleena
Feb 17th 2011
Haadiyah [sweet] Aleena, I have been traveling that's why i couldn't get on v shine for a long time. Now i have read all your comments. It is all right if u dont like my stories and pictures but i will pray for you that you stay away from rude behavior and harsh words for everyone. May Allah show you the right path (ameen). Haadiyah
Feb 16th 2011
Wajiha Hey Haddi I am upset because someone used my name to write negative comments on your story :( Wajiha
Jan 29th 2011
Aleena Haadi your all stories are senseless and a wastage of time! Aleena
Jan 27th 2011
Wajiha Yeh sure!!! I will read your story. Wajiha
Jan 25th 2011
Haadiyah Sumara, I'm Haadiyah's mom. You can contact me. I'll be glad to talk to you about homeschooling. Haadiyah
Jan 25th 2011
Aleena Haadiya don't be so over confident and proud of yourself! Aleena
Jan 25th 2011
Haadiyah Yes sure aunty. I would be friends with Aisha if she's my age. I'm eight , how old is she? Haadiyah
Jan 25th 2011
Haadiyah Hey Wajji! Thanks for the comment. Read my other stories, too. Click on stories, scroll down and you'll see numbers. Click '3' and the last story in that row will be 'A stormy evening'. It's by me. Haadiyah
Jan 25th 2011
Aleena Haadiya if u dont want to be my friend please tell! Aleena
Jan 24th 2011
Wajiha Hey Hadi! It's me Waji. I read the story. It's an excellent story. Great Job...! Wajiha
Jan 23rd 2011
Im aisha;s mother she is new to vshine .i like your story very much . u r very intelligent and creative.i want to ask something from ur mother about home schooling and also want that u make friendship with my daughter as u have good thoughts and u r a good girl.
Jan 23rd 2011
Haadiyah The latest story I have submitted is 'a stormy evening'. You can find it in stories section of My Page. Haadiyah
Jan 23rd 2011
Haadiyah Oh yes Menahil, I've got a gift set from Dollar, which includes markers, pointers and other stationary stuff. A gift is always great ! Haadiyah
Jan 22nd 2011
Haadiyah I haven't submitted the story yet, but it'll be a book with six chapters. It's called 'The Horse Races, book number 1'. I'll submit it later ... and Horse Races book 2, too. Haadiyah
Jan 18th 2011
Menahil Bokhari Excellent Haadiya! u have got prize and you haven't told! by the way congratulations dude! can I ask that what have you got in prize! Menahil Bokhari
Jan 18th 2011
Aleena Haadiya congrats yar you have got prize on this story. and you have not told me! Aleena
Jan 16th 2011
Aleena Oh! i am waiting for your next story. on which topic it is ? Aleena
Jan 12th 2011
Haadiyah Oh yes Aleena, nothing's wrong. its just that i haven't checked much on v shine now-a-days. I'll just submit a story now... if i can! Haadiyah
Jan 11th 2011
Aleena Haadiya is everything fine? you are not answering me! Aleena
Jan 9th 2011
Aleena Haadiya i also dislikes song, dance, movies and dramas.
these all are forbidden in Islam and i hate them all.
I think you don't speaks much!
Jan 6th 2011
Minhil Hi haadiyah.i\'m Menahil.i want u to be my friend.please.and by the way everyone is right ,an 8 year girl cant write these nice stories and poems.....i always luv yur poems and the way congrats u should be happy everyone likes this..... Minhil
Jan 5th 2011
Haadiyah Yes Aleena i will tell you.
Things i love a lot:

1. Horses. I LOVE horses. My room is a club-- PonyLove . You can borrow a book about horses. When you've read all the books, you can do a quiz. There's a junior membership quiz too. You can get a badge as well. There's a LOT to do at PonyLove.
2. Reading, drawing, doodling, writing stories, making learning jobs for my sisters. I also like the villiage and all the farm animals and hiking. And i love playing with toys or outside, riding horses and bikes and gardening.
Things i dont like:
Movies etc
I dont go to any party with these stuff. Nor do i make friends with anyone who likes it.
If you are around this stuff, kindly let me know. Then you can improve. these things arent islamic.
Jan 5th 2011
Aleena Thanks Haadiya! and now we are friends i want you to tell me about the things you like and which you don't like. Aleena
Jan 4th 2011
Ibrahim I am sorry, and i have got my questions answer. Ibrahim
Jan 4th 2011
Haadiyah Yes Aisha this CAN happen. Imagination does it. School kills it! (Giggle giggle giggle) In my home-school, i can draw in every single thing... even in dictation. That's creativity--improves my mind and makes me write such stories. You can read more of my stories. I have made WHOLE THREE BOOKS, 24 or something pages. I'll try to submit it right now. Haadiyah
Jan 4th 2011
Haadiyah Yes i will be your friend, Aleena. Haadiyah
Jan 4th 2011
Haadiyah Yes Ibrahim beta, please go ahead and ask your question. It's very humble of you to be asking permission like this. Shows what a well-mannered boy you must be ! Haadiyah
Jan 3rd 2011
Aleena Wow! Haadiya you are just fabulous and so talented. I want you to be my friend. will you? Aleena
Jan 1st 2010
Ibrahim @ haadiya,s MOM, if you dont mind can i ask u a question??????????????????????? Ibrahim
Jan 1st 2010
Haadiyah Thank you Aleena. I am home-schooled... which means that I have never attended any formal school ... I just study and learn at home. I attend Arabic and Quran classes and also horse riding lessons at the riding club. I enjoy it all very much . Haadiyah
Dec 31st 2010
aisha How can a 8 year old child can write this type of story??????????? this can not happen.......... Aisha
Dec 31st 2010
Ibrahim Yeah yeah its OK and if you don't mind can i ask you a QUESTION???????????????? Ibrahim
Dec 31st 2010
Aleena Wow! only 8! Haadiya if you dont mind i want to ask that whats this mean that you dont go to any school! Aleena
Dec 30th 2010
Sana Wow! 8 years and a story like this! Your welcome! Sana
Dec 29th 2010
Haadiyah Thank you for liking !. I'm 8 years old. Haadiyah
Dec 26th 2010
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Sana An excellent story! Whats your age, Haadiyah? Sana
Dec 23rd 2010
Haadiyah Ibrahim ! I am Haadiyah's mom and it made me laugh to read your comment coz she has not even taken help in a single word. She created and typed the story all on her own and showed me as a surprise only. She likes to do that all the time. And for your information, she doesn't go to any school :). I'm glad that you like her work. Haadiyah
Nov 15th 2010
Ibrahim Good effort but i think that some one helped you.!!! Ibrahim
Oct 28th 2010

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