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Aliza Syed
Aliza Syed
Roots Millennium
The Fake Stories
Published On Mar 21st 2012
Total Comments : 31
Total Views :  858
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As she shifted to her new home, she wanted a quick way to be famous at her new school. Soon Sally discovered that the home she had shifted was famous to be haunted. She had an idea to be famous. Now this was her routine that every day she made new stories that how she met a ghost or having dinner with something super natural. Now she was not sally, she was the BRAVE GIRL SALLY.
However, the back draw was that now she herself was very scared. She did even start to have nightmares. Now she don’t wanted to be a famous but just a normal girl. She told it to her mom, she first scolded her but then told her to tell her friends the truth and to sorry Allah. Of course, it was difficult but at least she was relaxed because was not the liar now.
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Comments 31
Zainab NICE Zainab
Jan 29th 2018
manail Shes not a shia :P Manail
Sep 14th 2016
Amna Cool story darling! Amna
Jun 1st 2014
Aliza Hey everyone... I wasn't around... Alright... So those asking am I a boy or girl.... I'm a girl.. :) And not Ahl-e-Tashee'.. And I do have account on pottermore... Aliza
Feb 13th 2014
Nuzhat Niiccee Nuzhat
Nov 20th 2013
taskeen Ur girl or boy i,m confused by the way i am also syed are u shia Taskeen
Oct 22nd 2013
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak Arwa
Jul 13th 2013
Maarij Maqsood I like your id pic sooooo much Maarij Maqsood
Jul 12th 2013
afifah Hey aliza do you have an account on pottermore? Afifah
Jul 11th 2013
afifah Ramadan mubarak Afifah
Jul 11th 2013
afifah Oh yeah okay, sorry actually i only checked your stories:) Afifah
Jul 11th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
Aliza @afifah :) dear, i won in march 2013 . check my poem "Messy room" Aliza
Jul 10th 2013
Aliza M a girl :) Aliza
Jul 9th 2013
Arwa Hey!! r u boy or girl?? Arwa
Jul 4th 2013
afifah Hey aliza you said that you won in march 2013 but there isn't any stamp of winner on any of your stories except little sister Afifah
Jun 27th 2013
Ibrahim Cool.. Nice DP! Ibrahim
Dec 10th 2012
ismat Nice story! Ismat
Nov 29th 2012
rija Nice dp aliza plz add me Rija
Oct 25th 2012
Neha Nice 1!!! Neha
Aug 24th 2012
Izma Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!:") Izma
Aug 15th 2012
Raniah Awsum! Raniah
Jul 25th 2012
Emaan Love your new pic! Selena Gomez is my fav! Emaan
Jul 22nd 2012
Undesirable No. 1 Real ammazzzing piece of writing!!!! keep iy up! Undesirable No. 1
Jun 23rd 2012
regulus Keep it up! =D Regulus
Apr 4th 2012
Emaan Well,I have plenty of views but no comments!I am happy 4 U Aliza :) can you plz give me your number? Emaan
Apr 1st 2012
Wajeeha Awesome Wajeeha
Mar 27th 2012
Aiman Nice story Aiman
Mar 25th 2012
Muntaha Nice Muntaha
Mar 22nd 2012
manail Good story Manail
Mar 22nd 2012
Aliza THanx VSHINE! i've been waiting long for ma stories to publish.... Aliza
Mar 22nd 2012

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