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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
Published On Mar 21st 2012
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Hoor was really gorgeous and a jovial natured girl. She was also good in her curricular and non-curricular activities at college. Hoor has always been appreciated because of her good recitation of naat. Therefore, to maintain her reputation she decided to participate in the annual milad day of her college and recite one of her favourite naats that she was best suited to recite. She was the first one who wrote her name in the list of participants for the milad.
The auditions for the milad had to be conducted on the 3 of February 2012. As she was to leave for her Umrah trip on the same date she wasn’t well prepared to recite some unique naat but was able to recite the one that she liked the most. Ah! She was again appreciated by the secretary of the principal named Shazia, for reciting such a good naat with a complete tune and was told to recite it in front of the principal some days later.
Her Umrah trip lasted for ten days. Even there she recited naats in the Prophet’s Mosque and was really pleased. When she returned she had to re-cover her loss in studies, as well as, rehearse for the naat. Mam. Shazia listened to Hoor’s first two lines always she came for her rehearse.
It was the 16 February 2012 Thursday when the principal had to listen to the students’ naat from twelve to one o’clock. Hoor was present at that time for the rehearsal. She was chosen to be part of three things in the milad. One was the solo naat she was had to perform, second was the group naat and third was thhe durood session. Hoor was really pleased for such an appreciation. She tried to recite another naat in front of the principal, but the selection went wrong. The principal declared that it was the wrong tune. Hoor went red with anger because it was the words that Mam. Shazia and the principal kept saying to everybody’s naat even if they have heard it previously or not. Kaneez was the girl who was only valued more than anybody else even more than Hoor.
Before, the rehearsal in front of the principal finished the favorite naat of Hoor was finalized to be recited on the milad day. This statement was told to Hoor in front of many students who were seated there for t practice.
She was pleased to hear this but wasn’t much pleased because more appreciation was given to Kaneez rather than anybody. The next day was also a rehearsal day. However, Hoor was confidentially practicing more at home than in school but did practice with the group she was in with.
After the weekends, she went to attend her college on Monday. Due to continuous class she was unable to practice till eleven. Therefore, she informed her mother to come to pick her up from college late at one so she could prepare at least a bit with her group members. Sitting with her group members in the garden she practiced. However, she felt totally left out because the other two girls kept criticizing her for such a bad voice. Hoor with the two girls gave audition for this naat in front of the Mam. Shazia. She didn’t refuse flatly but told them to practice more. Hoor kept sitting there and listened to the recitation of other groups’ naats.
Hoor did not attend her college the next day but did go on Wednesday. It was a busy and pathetic day. Hoor has already planned not to recite naat with the group because of their criticisms and neither participate in the milad day due to extreme favorism for only one student  Kaneez.” On that day Hoor, decided not go for the rehearsal because she had to study sociology as exams were ahead. One of the group members proudly told Hoor that their naat has been selected. As the day went over and home time came near, she was warned by the milad coordinator to come for rehearsal tomorrow or she would strike out Hoor’s name from the list of participants.
The next day she came with full practice and attended her two classes and went for rehearsal. Her turned didn’t come until it was time for her English class. As students who had their English class recited in front of the principal, Mam. Shazia, and one more teacher they left. When it came to a group’s recitation of naat they recited the naat that Hoor was to be recited her. Hoor, burst out in between. She told the principal that it was her naat that was finalized by the principal and had she had even practiced it well. It was the same group whose member had proudly told Hoor that their naat has been selected. When this scenario occurred Hoor did not know that it was her naat that the group decided to recite even though they do not recited it well but the principal and Mam. Shazia appreciated. The principal flatly refused to accept her statement because she wasn’t present yesterday so nothing could be done. Hoor kept staring at Mam. Shazia for any favourable response but she kept looking somewhere else as if not hearing my appeal.
Later on, Hoor was given another naat that she also recited very well at home. The principal wanted Hoor to join the group that was to recite the naat she had prepared. Even when she recited the naat that was given to her the very moment she was criticized for not reciting it properly and there was no tune. Hoor was on a verge of cry. The principal than suggested her to read out something else but hoor seemed to be least interested in that because she was burning with anger simultaneously was about to cry. She stood up to leave when the principal asked her that whether she is going for a class?
It was half an hour left for her English class to end so she said yes she had to go. There was no use for Hoor to stay. When she started to leave the hall the principal called her again and scolds her for not taking the permission to leave from her. She was about to say that the principal had already given permission to leave if any student had their class. This was it. The principal said, “Hoor is not going to participate in the milad.”
These words let Hoor shocked. She firstly felt that it was her naat that was given to another group and then she was kicked off from the milad ceremony. Her intensive practice, loss of classes did not even help her. Even Mam Shazia previously did not bother to listen to Hoor’s full naat and kept sitting as if nothing happened. She immediately left the hall. During her college she told her mother about this and also arranged for a meeting with the principal but it was of no use. The principal refused to meet any one.
Now it’s up to you to tell me was it the principal who did wrong and unjust to Hoor or it was Hoor who did wrong to herself?

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Comments 15
Arshia They sure really are........they have destroyed her life Arshia
Sep 1st 2013
Marwa Nyc . And it would have hurted hoor alot and I think the principle and the group members are mad! :P Marwa
Aug 5th 2013
Soha Nice story! Soha
Jan 25th 2013
Amna 2 long!!!!but nice story..... Amna
Dec 18th 2012
Arshia Laiba ,i am seventeen years old Arshia
Jun 16th 2012
Arshia Ashna its just that this girl was really criticized by her prinicipal and her principal and group members did bad to her.... Arshia
Jun 16th 2012
Syeda Laiba Cool story by the way wats ur age Syeda Laiba
Apr 4th 2012
Arshia Cool.... Arshia
Apr 3rd 2012
ayesha I think hoor did right not giving up infront of kaneez,noone should, but i hate the principal and her grop in this story. hoor should really scold them for behaving like tht..... u should have cntrol over it.... Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
Wafa First her group members are wrong then her principle then hoor . SO this story gives a moral that we should not crticise someone and should behave our elders even if they kill us to death. Wafa
Mar 25th 2012
Aliza 2 long Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Aiman I agree with aisha Aiman
Mar 25th 2012
Maria Ahan... its a real story...i am pretty sure Maria
Mar 24th 2012
Aisha That's really unfair.....Hoor deserved to be in the milad but coz of principal. They are reciting her naat even and you know what guys u shouldn't crticise someone so really hurts just like it hurted Hoor......she even missed her classes.....Hoor should tell the principal that she missed the classes and practised at home even when exams are near....and clear everything to principal..... Aisha
Mar 23rd 2012
Ashna Man....the story is really complicated. Can u pls explain to me what its about in a short version? Pretty pls? Ashna
Mar 22nd 2012

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